10 June 2012


One of my main briefs for my third year at university was a re-brand for The Penny Farthing, a traditional sweet shop in Beaumaris. It wasn't a live brief, but I really enjoyed working on it. After researching traditional sweet shops, I found out that most younger customers don't understand the pricing ("a quarter of...") due to the old imperial system. I also learnt that customers like to be involved with the purchase (opening the jars themselves to smell the sweets etc). To give the Penny Farthing a new identity that would separate it from the cliches of old sweet shops, I cam up with a more modern pick 'n' mix system that stayed true to the traditional values by allowing the customers to fill their individual box with sweets from the glass jars on the shelves.

The branding uses two colours, pink and blue, along with the new logo and supporting background graphic to give the shop a new bright and interesting look that draws attention. The branding was applied to exterior signage, bags, staff clothing, glass jars and the new custom pick 'n' mix boxes. Due to sweet shops being busier during holidays and special occasions, a range of further boxes were designed for times such as Easter, Christmas and Halloween.

Please click on read more to see more of the branding.

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