30 June 2012


Final exhibition at uni
Bacon butty times // No. 4 Privet Drive
:') // Rainbow over Rainbow Bridge
I've had a great couple of weeks :)

My trips to uni are over! Yay! I went to the opening evening of our degree show at uni on the 21st and then went back yesterday to take it all down and pick up my work books. Wasn't happy that a part of my work had been stolen but its happened before in uni so, sadly, I was expecting something to go wrong. Its really pathetic though because the work that got stolen is of no benefit to anyone else! Oh well. We get our results on the 9th (a week on Monday) and I'm a mix of nervous and excited to get them :/ I'm in work that day too so everyone will be asking how I did *fingers crossed*

We finally got round to booking tickets for the Harry Potter Studio Tour. I was meant to go a few months ago with Mum just after it opened but because things got so busy with uni, we put it off for a bit. Unfortunately, my Mum couldn't get a day off this week so Aled went with me instead. We had a lovely little break :) I booked us into a Premier Inn in Kings Langley, which was great apart from being woken up by the cleaners at 9am! It was right next to a great pub where we could have a few drinks and watch the Spain v Portugal game. I'll be doing a blog post for the Harry Potter tour next because there's loads of pictures!

Haven't got much planned for the rest of the weekend really, just going to relax and catch up on some tv and films I've bought recently. Hope everyones had a good week :)

11 June 2012


This is a brief I had for the business plan module in university. In a group, we worked on a business plan for a fictional sorbet company, Zorbets. Seeing that I didn't have the best knowledge of business plans, I volunteered to do the branding for the brief. I really enjoyed putting this together as it was a quick job but turned out to be really effective and received great comments in the final presentation to tutors.

I went for a luxurious look, using black throughout the branding and adding colour through using a series of bright lines. The branding was applied to the business plan booklet, final presentation, sorbet pots and t-shirts, which were worn for the presentation.

To see more of the branding, click on read more.

10 June 2012


One of my main briefs for my third year at university was a re-brand for The Penny Farthing, a traditional sweet shop in Beaumaris. It wasn't a live brief, but I really enjoyed working on it. After researching traditional sweet shops, I found out that most younger customers don't understand the pricing ("a quarter of...") due to the old imperial system. I also learnt that customers like to be involved with the purchase (opening the jars themselves to smell the sweets etc). To give the Penny Farthing a new identity that would separate it from the cliches of old sweet shops, I cam up with a more modern pick 'n' mix system that stayed true to the traditional values by allowing the customers to fill their individual box with sweets from the glass jars on the shelves.

The branding uses two colours, pink and blue, along with the new logo and supporting background graphic to give the shop a new bright and interesting look that draws attention. The branding was applied to exterior signage, bags, staff clothing, glass jars and the new custom pick 'n' mix boxes. Due to sweet shops being busier during holidays and special occasions, a range of further boxes were designed for times such as Easter, Christmas and Halloween.

Please click on read more to see more of the branding.


The Olympic Torch
Takeaway night // Prawn toast at Nikki Ipps
The happiest little man I know // Exhibition
 I'VE FINISHED UNIVERSITY!!! I never thought I'd get to say these words with the amount of stress this last year has brought but I did it! So nervous to get my results (July 9th I think) but so pleased it's all over. My last deadline was Thursday, which was to sort my exhibition out. I'm pretty pleased with how it looks, will have to take some photos of it when the room is back open after marking. The opening night of the degree show at Chester is June 21st and then its open throughout the day from the 22nd to the 27th. I'm really excited to go on the opening night and see everyones exhibitions because I didn't get the chance to have a nosey while I was sorting mine out. I'll be sure to take a load of pictures when I go to do a post :)

Got the chance to briefly see the Olympic Torch when it went through Penrhyn Bay on May 25th. I wanted to see it, but got up late, but then got stuck in traffic because it was passing through anyway!

It was mine and Aled's 5 year anniversary on May 31st <3 We went out for a meal to Nikki Ipps (an amazing chinese restaurant in Deganwy) and it was so tasty. To be fair, I've never had a bad meal there so it's always good! Would have taken pictures of all the food but it got a little dark in there and there was no way I was using flash when theres people at the table next to us :/ haha.

Now that I've finished uni, I've been able to see my friends and family a lot more :) My cousin Barry and Leila stayed last weekend with my little nephew :') He literally is the happiest little man ever. I love the age he's at now and also loving that he now says my name :')

Glastonbury in our back garden
My new favourite from McDonalds // Smooothie
Daisy the beagle // New fave drink
We finally started work on our garden! I've been taking pictures of the progress to post when its finished (we're only waiting for the furniture to be delivered now) but it looks sooo much better. It was starting to look like Glastonbury, especially with all the rain recently. I'm hoping the sunshine comes back asap so I can sunbathe and have a BBQ and actually use the garden!

We had a couple of friends around last night for some drinks. My friend Nat brought her adorable beagle Daisy with her, who was so well behaved! It gave me the chance to try out a new drink which Barry was having last weekend. Its vodka with russchian schweppes and a slice of lime. Lush. It's so refreshing and goes down far too easy!

Back to work full time on Monday. Genuinely so looking forward to being back in work. Mainly because I can just come home and relax instead of stressing about coursework. But also because I've got a few jobs to do there at the moment so its really nice to be busy. Of course, the money side of it is always a bonus too! Hope everyone has a good week.