28 May 2012


I. Am. Free.

Hallelujah! The last few months has been so chaotic with uni work, the house and working I'm surprised my brain didn't turn to mush! But its finally over and I can get back to a normal life now :)

I handed in the last of my uni work on the 24th and all I've got left to do is put my final exhibition up by the 7th and I'm all finished. Can't believe how quickly the last 3 years have gone to be honest. Deciding to go to university was one of the biggest decisions I've ever had to make and its not exactly been easy going this last year. I'm so lucky to have such great family and friends though, they know who they are and without them keeping me sane I think I would have lost the plot a while ago! We get our results on July 9th and I'm so nervous. I've been lucky enough to get a first in both first and second years but I know thats not happening this year so I just want to pass! I'm probably going to get one of the guys in work to login for me and tell me my results, I'll be way too scared!

So apart from uni coming to an end, I've had a few fun filled weeks since I last blogged. It was my birthday (24.... and feeling old) on May 7th. A week before it we went to the Trafford Centre for some much needed retail therapy. I went for a meal to Carlos, a lovely Italian restaurant in Craig Y Don, with Aled, Nat and Phil which was a great night. We went into town for a couple of drinks after the meal.... and I can safely say that I don't miss it at all. Sticky tables, arsehole bouncers, leering old men... YUCK. Got a few nice things for my birthday; some perfume and a meal out at my favourite pub from my Mum and Dad, money off family, Adele at the Royal Albert Hall from Leanne, a cute Boofle mug from Nat, earrings from Leila and Baz and a few other bits and bobs. Still can't believe that I'm 24 though. It literally feels like only a few months ago I was celebrating my 21st. Bad times.

Went for a walk with Aled to Conwy on Thursday evening after I finished uni. There's a lovely pub on the marina called the Mulberry. I haven't eaten there in years, we normally just go for drinks, and it was amazing. I had fish and chips and it even came on a fish shaped plate! Aled had a pizza and that was pretty awesome too. Probably go again soon :)

My Grandma's been down this weekend. She lives in Hull so she hadn't been over to see the house yet. I did a BBQ for Mum, Dad and Grandma on Saturday (oh yeah, this weather is amazing btw, I hope it stays like this all summer!) and then we went out for some food at the Castle View in Deganwy on Sunday. I had pork medallions with basmati rice and a stilton and peppercorn sauce. Oh my god it was so good. Had a chocolate brownie for pudding, which looked so good... but didn't taste so good. It was more like a small chocolate sponge and it was really dry. Ah well, the main made up for it.

So I'm back in work this week and working on the garden in the evenings. It was starting to look like a bunch of gypsies had moved in so time to get weeding and laying some turf! Hoping to have a big BBQ with my friends to make up for the lack of happiness with all the uni stress. This week is pretty big for me and Aled, its our 5 year anniversary! :) He's working on the day so we're off to Nikki Ipps (the best chinese restaurant ever) for a meal on Saturday night.

Anyway, got a load more blog posts to sort out! Hope everyones had a good month :)

Trafford Centre Food Hall
Me at Pizza Hut // Aled trying on some new kicks
Lunch buffet ftw.

New perfume from Mum for my birthday
Wedding Invites for the future Mr & Mrs Beach // New pillows after the Daybreak feature on bed bugs. Yuck.
Animated movie day // Cutting out the wedding invites

My new favourite Ben & Jerry's <3
Best cereal ever // Coors light... the best thing to have when doing uni work
Aled in the 'helicopter chair' // New Adele at the Royal Albert Hall blu-ray

Birthday meal at the Pen Y Bryn
Waffle desert <3 // Candlelit table
Pink roses // Birthday cards

Having a bottle of wine whilst doing work wasn't the best idea
Pixar movie day // Healthy lunch for a change
Very untidy office (not now!) // Cutting out boxes for a packaging concept

Sleeping beagle <3
New Boofle mug // Cutting out windows int he packaging
Sweets for my final display // McDonalds lunch

Down at the Mulberry in Conwy
Having a well deserved drink // Roberts looking cool
The summer essentials // Fish and chips. Nom.

Daisies <3
Lunch out with Aled // Walking over to Conwy
Meal out with the family // Beautiful but not tasty chocolate brownie

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