26 April 2012


Ok, so it's more like a month in photos.... but finally a new 'weekly' post! There's so much to talk about since I last posted that I don't really know where to start. We've completely settled into the house now :) It now feels really weird going back to Mum and Dad's house now because it doesn't feel like home anymore. I think it's because there's not all of my stuff clogging up all the rooms now! Two more houses have moved in on the street now but I can't wait until everyone is in so there's a bit more going on in the street. I've turned into a really bad people watcher though because our living room is upstairs and looks out over the whole street. The worst bit is that I seem to forget that they can see me too :') No one wants to see my in my pjs at 3 in the afternoon!

It's been a busy few weeks, so I've just done a brief description of the pictures because I'd be writing for days otherwise. I've had a good few weeks though. I went to Jeni's 21st in Conwy Golf Club, had some friends round for the last day of the Six Nations (you could say it was a house warming, but it was mainly in the afternoon and there was only a couple of us so we weren't partying all night!), like every other person in Britain we jumped on the BBQ bandwagon when we had that super hot week in March (which has sadly gone back to normal cold and rainy Wales now), I've been really busy in work re-merchandising the shop, finished my dissertation and last weekend had my cousins and little godson to stay! This weekend we've got some more guests because Nat and Phil are staying and we're going to Carlo's Italian restaurant on Saturday <3

Hope everyone has had a good month :)

Me and Aled before Jeni's 21st birthday party
Finally have working house phones and internet // Initial illustrations for a new project
Nat and Phil's dog Daisy destroying her new toys // Chocolate cereal FTW.

Aled's poor attempt at 'Man V Food' (He failed miserably)
Me and Aled at Frankie & Bennys in Chester
What the boot of a mini is made for // Mothers Day cupcakes from Sally's

BBQ weather in March
A nice cool Corona in our gypsy back garden // Emma + Coors Light = :)
Daisy outside work // Not a cloud in the sky

Smudge came to stay <3
Popcorn and chick flick time // Attractive feminine hands from moving shelving in work
Cheese and wine night with Dale // Aled's present to me for the last few weeks in uni

Decaf coffee with the girls before our bridesmaid dress fitting
Hot cross buns time // Dissertation writing
Chocolate Eggs //  A bit of girlie reading

Coby in his jim jams before bed
Mini Adventure // Ladybird watching my paint the fence
Rainy Wales // Plenty of new drinks for the Tassimo

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