26 April 2012


Hi! I'm surprised I managed to remember my login details for Blogger, haven't posted in ages. Everything has been crazy with uni recently though and finally getting on track with the workload thats left. So its going to be a stressful few weeks until final hand ins on May 24th but at least I know what needs doing now! Plus I handed in my dissertation last week so at least another module is completed!

So I decided to get a new domain name and design for my blog. When I started the blog, it was a continuation of my design portfolio website, but I put a mixture of things on here now so it needed a new, more personal name. It took me forever to choose one but I finally went with EMSYPIE. It may sound odd, but a few people call me Emsy and my best friend is the only one who calls me Emsypie... so I went with that! I wanted something short so it works and I'm really happy with it :) It's also my blog's first birthday next month so its had an early present of a spruce up!

I'm hoping to start blogging a lot more now, I've really missed it over the last month. And Aled's probably been sick of me rambling on to him instead of on here! Haha. Not sure how many posts I'll manage while I finish off my uni work but definitely after I finish.

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