3 March 2012


I'm starting to feel majorly out of touch with blogging! Got so many posts I want to do but it's all useless without the internet :( Managing to get this one done while I'm babysitting but couldn't get a week in photos done last week (which explains the picture overload). The BT engineer is coming on Monday morning to hopefully set up our phone line but I'm not expecting much because they don't seem certain themselves! You don't realise how much you use the internet until you haven't got it though. I haven't been able to do much uni work over the last few weeks plus I haven't really had the time either. Finally making some progress with my main brief though so I just need to carry on developing ideas and get to grips with it.

So I'm starting to feel a lot more settled in the house now. I think it helps that Aled has been there every night this week because it's worst when he's on nights. I'm sure I'll get used to that though (at least I can have nights to watch my 'crappy' TV programmes then).

I've only been to uni once in the last two weeks :/ but I had plenty to do in work so I've been there instead. When I did go in last Monday, I found that part of my exhibition had been stolen. Shocking. I don't even understand what any student would gain from stealing a piece of someone else's work because you can't say its your own and its just petty and childish. It makes me hate uni even more. Its not the tutors fault but it just shows you how immature some of the students are. I don't think it would be anyone in our year because we all worked so hard to put the exhibitions together but I'd also hate to think it was any graphics student from any year. Anyway, what I did find quite funny was that one of my plastercine characters' eyes had fallen off :') I can't put it back either because its encased in perspex!

Pancake day is one of my favourite days of the year. Fact. My Mum has always made amazing pancakes so this was the first time I ever tried to make them. So together with Aled, I tried to make a fair few. It went horribly wrong :( We managed to make one decent one (which Aled ate) so I think I'll have to invite Mum round next year to make them for us!

After uni on that Monday, I took my car for its MOT and service. It passed :) But I was waiting a few hours because I prepaid for two MOTs and services in Winsford so its too far to get home. While I was waiting I went for a browse at Fords of Winsford, a massive car dealership. I saw some lovely minis there and a nice 3 door Corsa too. I used to have a Mini from when I was 18 till I was 21. I loved my Mini but I had to trade it in to get a diesel car for uni. Anyway, Aled's been wanting to get an Astra for a while so he's had my car and I've got a new car! (Scroll down to see a picture!)

Aled was on nights last weekend and I had a fair bit of uni work to do so I decided to have a Harry Potter marathon at home. I managed to watch the first 4 films but I thought I'd have the time to see them all. He's on days tomorrow so I think I'll carry on :) I love Harry Potter (books and films) and could watch them every day!

I've started developing three concepts for my main brief in uni. Its a rebrand for a local sweet shop so its been really fun so far. Its on my list of posts to get sorted once we've got the internet so I can show you all my ideas so far.

Lent has gone out of the window. I'm such a failure. Last April I actually stuck at a detox (no alcohol, takeaways, white carbs, sweets and crisps) and I've not been able to do it for more than a week since. I wanted to do it for lent but after a chaotic day in work the other day all I wanted was a pizza and a cold beer! Ah well, once the house warming party is done I think I'll try again.

MY NEW CAR! I'm actually in love with my new baby. Driving a mini is even better than I remember and I never ever want to sell this one! Feeling a bit bad for Aled though because this all happened quite quickly so I didn't get a chance to clean my car before handing it over to him this morning. Definitely going to do it this week though because there's all sorts in it (it looks like I live in my car sometimes).

So all in all I've had a good couple of weeks. Glad that the house feels more like home and loving my car. Also really relieved now that the new system has gone live in work, I just need to finish uni and then I can get back into a normal routine! I hope everyone has a good week :)

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