12 February 2012


What an amazing week! Started it off with a bit of a stressful hand-in in uni which put an end to another module. It was only stressful because I've never left so much till the last minute before. I normally have all my folder work and final pieces done a few days before the final day but because of all the things going on at the moment, I struggled a bit. It all worked out ok though, I'm happy with the folder! However, the exhibition we had to put up counted for 50% of the mark and I could have added a lot more to it. It looks fine and I'm happy with it but after seeing everyone else's, I think I could have included merchandise and a few more added extras. Never mind, I can now concentrate properly on the remaining 3 modules (which includes the big 40 credit one).

I had to pop to Chester on tuesday for ten minutes to add my name and my rationale to my exhibition, so Mum went with me and we went to Chiquitos for some food afterwards. Mum hadn't been before and I think she enjoyed it. I say think because she's never been good with spicy food! Haha. We both had the chocolate brownie for desert though which we both loved.

Talking of chocolate, there's been no short supply of junk food in work this week! I'm going to end up obese if I don't be careful :/

So I've been in work all week after my university hand in. I wasn't meant to work on Friday because me and Aled were meant to get the keys to the house. The solicitors were dragging their heels a bit though and it looked like it wasn't going to complete until Monday morning. I was a bit gutted but at least it was happening. So I went to work Saturday morning too. At about 9.45 I got the best phonecall ever from Aled to say that we did actually complete on Friday at 5pm but the solicitors never told us! Typical! It was amazing though :) I left work straight away and met Aled at the house for the hand over.

All weekend I've been working at the house with Aled and Dad (who's done so much work in one weekend!). Can't wait to show you all a load of pictures but we aren't moving in until Tuesday (Valentines Day <3 ) so there'll be nothing until then.

Finished today off with my last roast dinner at home. Perfect.

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