20 February 2012


What a week. Probably the best week I've had, but the most stressful! If you saw last week, we got the keys for the house on Saturday morning so the weekend was a bit hectic. The week carried on like that because the carpet people were there on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so we didn't finally finish putting everything up and in place until Thursday. It's amazing having the house but really scary and weird at the same time. It's odd because I never really spent loads of time with my Mum and Dad when I lived there but I miss just having that extra company around and the extra sound. I'm sure I'll get used to it soon though!

It's been a week full of 'firsts' in the new house including our first food shop which was a bit mental! I think we got a bit over excited and ended up buying half the shop. I don't think the guy who served us in Asda could quite believe that it was only for the two of us!

In love with the coffee machine that Aled's Dad bought us as a moving in present. It's the Tassimo T65 and we chose it because you can get decaf pods for it (I'm not allowed caffeine) but you can get so many more. There's normal tea, lots of different coffees and hot chocolate too. I've had a hot chocolate and one normal coffee (risking life haha) so far and they taste amazing. Highly recommended!

I spent the weekend chilling out really. Aled's been on nights so it's really quiet in the house during the day. With it being so quiet, it really makes us want to get a puppy. My lovely friend Nat has got a beagle called Daisy and she's amazing so a beagle puppy is on the cards :)

On Saturday I met Nat and Phil in Deganwy Quay Hotel to see a mocked up layout of a wedding because that's where they're having their wedding reception. Had a lovely natter and a tasty hot chocolate too. Nat came to mine that night too for a feast of chinese food (yes that was just for the two of us). Going to try and be A LOT more healthier for a while now because the weight I lost last year is just creeping back on :( Hoping to get a cross trainer or an Xbox and Kinect to start working out a bit.

Hope everyone has a good week :)

12 February 2012


What an amazing week! Started it off with a bit of a stressful hand-in in uni which put an end to another module. It was only stressful because I've never left so much till the last minute before. I normally have all my folder work and final pieces done a few days before the final day but because of all the things going on at the moment, I struggled a bit. It all worked out ok though, I'm happy with the folder! However, the exhibition we had to put up counted for 50% of the mark and I could have added a lot more to it. It looks fine and I'm happy with it but after seeing everyone else's, I think I could have included merchandise and a few more added extras. Never mind, I can now concentrate properly on the remaining 3 modules (which includes the big 40 credit one).

I had to pop to Chester on tuesday for ten minutes to add my name and my rationale to my exhibition, so Mum went with me and we went to Chiquitos for some food afterwards. Mum hadn't been before and I think she enjoyed it. I say think because she's never been good with spicy food! Haha. We both had the chocolate brownie for desert though which we both loved.

Talking of chocolate, there's been no short supply of junk food in work this week! I'm going to end up obese if I don't be careful :/

So I've been in work all week after my university hand in. I wasn't meant to work on Friday because me and Aled were meant to get the keys to the house. The solicitors were dragging their heels a bit though and it looked like it wasn't going to complete until Monday morning. I was a bit gutted but at least it was happening. So I went to work Saturday morning too. At about 9.45 I got the best phonecall ever from Aled to say that we did actually complete on Friday at 5pm but the solicitors never told us! Typical! It was amazing though :) I left work straight away and met Aled at the house for the hand over.

All weekend I've been working at the house with Aled and Dad (who's done so much work in one weekend!). Can't wait to show you all a load of pictures but we aren't moving in until Tuesday (Valentines Day <3 ) so there'll be nothing until then.

Finished today off with my last roast dinner at home. Perfect.

5 February 2012


Well hello bags under the eyes! Make up is my best friend at the moment because I genuinely look like s**t. Everywhere I go people are commenting on how tired I look, which feels great :/ The worst bit is, if I actually had the time to go for a lovely massage or facial, I would! Keep telling myself it'll all be worth it in the end though.

Anyway, you can probably guess that it's been a busy week. It's been mental in work with tweaking bits and bobs with the new computer system. It goes live on the 27th and I've got a week off before that so I need to get as much done as possible. As stressful as it is, it's nice to have so much to do and I'm really enjoying getting everything sorted for it. That's what the Acer tablet computer was for. My boss asked me if I could go and pick one up on Tuesday because our cheaper free one from a supplier packed in. We've been using it for putting the whole stock files barcodes in so it's been really handy! It's a really nice tablet too (the temptation to go on angry birds whilst in work is awful though!).

I've only been in uni once this week, on Monday. It was actually pretty pointless because we just carried on with our work and then my second lesson was cancelled because the tutor was ill. But I did go for a little shopping trip with Chris which was funny :') We were looking for little model people for his exhibition piece. I thought they'd have them in Toys R Us but it turns out they didn't. LOVED the little cars there though! There's so many more toys out now! We went for a Costa too which was lovely :)

I've got an exhibition to put up this week in uni. It needs to be up by 5pm on Friday but I'm going to do it tomorrow after I hand the workbook in because I don't really want to drive over there again. I'm pleased with my overall work for this module but I don't like how late I've left some of it. I never normally have so much to do right before the deadline and I never want to again!

On a lighter note, it's highly likely that we'll be getting the keys to the house on Friday!! SO EXCITED! Popped there quickly on Saturday to mention that Friday would be really good for us because Aled's shifts fall that he has 6 days off. So hopefully I'll be putting up flat pack furniture this time next week.