29 January 2012


Not a very eventful week (hence the lack of photos!) but another good week. It was Aled's birthday last Sunday so he came straight to mine after he finished work at 8pm. I made a roast pork dinner, which wasn't my best :( Normally I love my roast dinners but this one wasn't as good. But anyway, he loved his presents! I got him a Reebok punchbag and a load of mugs. He's wanted a punchbag for ages and said he was going to get one as soon as we move in. I couldn't think of a main present to get him, so I got him that! I bought some protective floor mats and a skipping rope too so all he needs to do is hang it and we're halfway to a gym in the garage. I want to get a cross trainer once we're moved in too. There's a good one from Tesco down to £160 from £250 at the moment so I'm hoping that offer stays on.

Not really done much this week really. I haven't been into uni once. Partly because I've just been doing work at home and I want to work as much as I can too for money. I'm actually feeling ok about uni work at the moment though. Now that we're one module down and another is going after the 6th of February, I can concentrate on the three remaining ones. I don't really want to get major stressed with it all anyway, there's too many other things to think about!

I'm loving my project that's finishing next week though. It's the one where we've done a re-brand for our university. I've come up with a set of characters for each department and colour zones etc. When I saw my tutor last week, he recommended that I look into possibly making models of the characters. So I went to the toy store Smyths in the week and bought a load of plasticine :) I have felt like a kid again this week using it! I'm really happy with the characters though and can't wait to upload some photos of all the work finished.

I went to see the house on Saturday with Aled and my Dad to measure up for the wooden flooring that my Dad's going to be fitting. It's looking so good :) The only things left to do are the tiling in the bathrooms and the fence and stuff in the garden! Bev in the sales office says that it should be about 2 weeks so I'm hoping we'll get the keys the week beginning the 13th because that's my reading week. So fingers crossed!


  1. What gorgeous flowers! And the pizza now makes me super hungry!
    Love the plastacine, i bet it definitely reminds you of your childhood!x

    1. I could eat one of those pizza's everyday! Haha. But I really shouldn't :/ Yeah the plastercine was really fun :) xx