22 January 2012


I've had a really good week :) For the past few weeks I've been dreading my business plan presentation in uni, which as on Thursday. It went really well (I think!) and I'm so glad it's over. We managed to get t-shirts made with our company logo on them and I made the presentation, booklet and sorbet pots to match the branding. I'll do a separate post about it all because I need to take some pictures for my website anyway! We presented to a board of four people (two of our tutors and two business people) and it was quite scary and a lot like Dragons Den because I didn't really understand the questions at the end. I don't know when we'll get out mark for it but I'm hoping soon.

I went out for food on Thursday night with Leanne and Nat. It as Nat's birthday on the 12th so it's the first chance we've had to get together. We went to our favourite pub, the Pen-y-Bryn in Colwyn Heights. It's so lovely and cosy and the food is AMAZING. I had the steak burger (which I haven't had in years) and the butterscotch waffle (which I have every time haha). It was a lovely night :) Nat's getting married in September and I can't wait for the big day!

I went to see the house yesterday to check that the right colour paint is in the right rooms :') Everything was fine and it looks so much more like a home now that it's been painted. I went with my Mum because Aled was in work and I'm feeling bad about it now :( We were told that the kitchen would be fitted next week, but its actually been fitted already! So obviously Aled was a bit gutted that I've seen it before him. But it's amazing. I'm so pleased with how it looks and I can't stop looking at the pictures I took on my phone. I really just want to move in now... hurry up February!

After being at the house, my Mum was in the mood to celebrate :') so we went and bought some more cupcakes. I fell over with my free ones last week *sob* so I made sure that Mum carried them to the car! They were yet again really pretty and tasted super yummy. And I managed to get a picture while they looked good.

It's Aled's birthday today. Unfortunately he's in work till 8pm, but I'm making a roast pork dinner for when he gets home :) I'm hoping he'll love his presents, they're all wrapped up and ready for later. We didn't get each other anything for christmas so it's nice to actually give some presents. Anyway, lots of uni work to do today so I better get on with it. Hope everyone has a good week!

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