15 January 2012


Another hectic week has gone by, which means one more week closer to moving! I decided to pack up my office this week. I don't really need to use it over the next few weeks because our projects are all in research stages at the moment. Plus I'm not getting much time to concentrate on uni work anyway, so it might as well be boxed up! So my computer is in my room at the moment, which is actually quite nice because I can watch TV too :) Speaking of uni, it's so stressy at the moment. We had our group business plan mock presentation on Thursday, which didn't go that badly considering most of our slides were blank haha. But we've definitely got more now and I can't wait to finish the module on Thursday. I'm actually going to ask tomorrow if I can stay at home and carry on with all the work until we've moved because that would work so much better. But I haven't got a clue what they'll say :/

It's been super cold this week! This is when it sucks to have a diesel car, because it takes forever to heat up in the morning if it's frosty. When it gets cold like this I always want to go on holiday, which I shouldn't be thinking about at the moment! Aled's thinking the same though because he's even been looking at prices.

Some luck came my way this week (for a little while anyway!) because I won 4 cupcakes from Sally's Cupcakes, a lovely little shop in Rhos On Sea. I went to pick them up on Saturday after work. They were so beautiful, decorated like roses with pink glitter on top. I left the shop, walked about four steps..... and then fell over. Again. I fell over a few weeks ago and luckily it wasn't as bad this time but I have taken a chunk out of my knuckle and the cupcakes got squashed :( They still tasted good though!

For one of my uni modules this year we can pick our own brief. I chose a Roses one that required an advertising campaign for 'A Quarter Of', a retro online sweet shop. I've adapted the brief to design a complete branding and advertising campaign for a local sweet shop instead. My Mum's friend Jean owns a lovely little shop like this in Beaumaris, so I've decided to do it for there. I went to take some pictures on Saturday afternoon and went for some lunch with Mum while we were there. We had lunch in a really cute little cafe called 'Beau's Tea Shop' thats been featured on TV a couple of times. It was a tiny little place and we had a great time :)

I wasn't in the best mood last night, but luckily I have some amazing friends that are always there to cheer me up. Dale came round with a bottle of wine to put a smile back on my face. I don't like to bang on about why I wasn't feeling great but I really would love to speak my mind sometimes and tell people how I feel. I get taken for a mug sometimes. But anyway, there's plenty of good things going on in my life to focus on rather than the few bad things!

Another busy week again this week. Got uni all day tomorrow (including a presentation on my own), work tuesday and weds, uni on thursday for the dreaded presentation, work friday and sat and then it's Aled's 24th on Sunday! :) I won't say what I've got him incase he reads this but I can't wait to give him his presents.

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