8 January 2012


I feel like I've had a great start to 2012. By listing my goals earlier this week, I'm excited to cross them all off my list by Christmas 2012! A couple of these photos are from before the new year but I didn't get a chance to do a post on New Years day.

It's been a very rainy start to the year, but that's typical for living in North Wales. In the break between Christmas and New Year's I went to IKEA (again!) with Aled and Dad in the van to get all of the remaining furniture for the house. We actually popped down to the house yesterday to pick our kitchen tiles, so I finally remembered to take a picture :) I don't really want to go again before it's finished because I just want to move in whenever we go there. It was nice to see it though because they've started putting in the bathrooms and all of the radiators. We're hoping that it'll be about the 5th of February when we actually get the keys, so not long now!

Finally managed to find a printer that works (*touch wood*). We've had 3 Kodak printers within the last 18 months and they're awful. You can't knock them for the price of their inks but the quality is shocking and they never ever scan anything in. So I'd finally had enough last week and we swapped it for a Kodak Photosmart. The inks are more expensive but it's been great so far.

I've been looking for a 2012 diary for a few weeks, I know I left it quite short notice but I thought it would be quite easy to get one from town. It wasn't. They were all either really boring or too babyish. I was recommended to try Paperchase instead. We don't have one in town so I looked online and found a perfect diary! If you haven't got one yet, I'd definitely have a look on their website :)

Had a pretty boring night last night. Cooked steak and chips with Aled and then settled down to make a start on my uni work with several cups of tea. How exciting! I wasn't sure about quitting uni this week. This year is so theory based and has got off to such a slow start, plus the business plan we're doing is driving me crazy :( Plus, we were meant to get a mark for our GB brief work earlier this week and then uni internet wouldn't work (typical). Luckily, a friend of a friend managed to get my mark for me. I wasn't expecting much because people who had done better then me had got unfair marks, but I managed a 68! Not quite sure how because it was based on presentation skills and I rushed most of my presentations. So I'm pleased and decided to give it a few more weeks yet :)

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