29 January 2012


Not a very eventful week (hence the lack of photos!) but another good week. It was Aled's birthday last Sunday so he came straight to mine after he finished work at 8pm. I made a roast pork dinner, which wasn't my best :( Normally I love my roast dinners but this one wasn't as good. But anyway, he loved his presents! I got him a Reebok punchbag and a load of mugs. He's wanted a punchbag for ages and said he was going to get one as soon as we move in. I couldn't think of a main present to get him, so I got him that! I bought some protective floor mats and a skipping rope too so all he needs to do is hang it and we're halfway to a gym in the garage. I want to get a cross trainer once we're moved in too. There's a good one from Tesco down to £160 from £250 at the moment so I'm hoping that offer stays on.

Not really done much this week really. I haven't been into uni once. Partly because I've just been doing work at home and I want to work as much as I can too for money. I'm actually feeling ok about uni work at the moment though. Now that we're one module down and another is going after the 6th of February, I can concentrate on the three remaining ones. I don't really want to get major stressed with it all anyway, there's too many other things to think about!

I'm loving my project that's finishing next week though. It's the one where we've done a re-brand for our university. I've come up with a set of characters for each department and colour zones etc. When I saw my tutor last week, he recommended that I look into possibly making models of the characters. So I went to the toy store Smyths in the week and bought a load of plasticine :) I have felt like a kid again this week using it! I'm really happy with the characters though and can't wait to upload some photos of all the work finished.

I went to see the house on Saturday with Aled and my Dad to measure up for the wooden flooring that my Dad's going to be fitting. It's looking so good :) The only things left to do are the tiling in the bathrooms and the fence and stuff in the garden! Bev in the sales office says that it should be about 2 weeks so I'm hoping we'll get the keys the week beginning the 13th because that's my reading week. So fingers crossed!

22 January 2012


I've had a really good week :) For the past few weeks I've been dreading my business plan presentation in uni, which as on Thursday. It went really well (I think!) and I'm so glad it's over. We managed to get t-shirts made with our company logo on them and I made the presentation, booklet and sorbet pots to match the branding. I'll do a separate post about it all because I need to take some pictures for my website anyway! We presented to a board of four people (two of our tutors and two business people) and it was quite scary and a lot like Dragons Den because I didn't really understand the questions at the end. I don't know when we'll get out mark for it but I'm hoping soon.

I went out for food on Thursday night with Leanne and Nat. It as Nat's birthday on the 12th so it's the first chance we've had to get together. We went to our favourite pub, the Pen-y-Bryn in Colwyn Heights. It's so lovely and cosy and the food is AMAZING. I had the steak burger (which I haven't had in years) and the butterscotch waffle (which I have every time haha). It was a lovely night :) Nat's getting married in September and I can't wait for the big day!

I went to see the house yesterday to check that the right colour paint is in the right rooms :') Everything was fine and it looks so much more like a home now that it's been painted. I went with my Mum because Aled was in work and I'm feeling bad about it now :( We were told that the kitchen would be fitted next week, but its actually been fitted already! So obviously Aled was a bit gutted that I've seen it before him. But it's amazing. I'm so pleased with how it looks and I can't stop looking at the pictures I took on my phone. I really just want to move in now... hurry up February!

After being at the house, my Mum was in the mood to celebrate :') so we went and bought some more cupcakes. I fell over with my free ones last week *sob* so I made sure that Mum carried them to the car! They were yet again really pretty and tasted super yummy. And I managed to get a picture while they looked good.

It's Aled's birthday today. Unfortunately he's in work till 8pm, but I'm making a roast pork dinner for when he gets home :) I'm hoping he'll love his presents, they're all wrapped up and ready for later. We didn't get each other anything for christmas so it's nice to actually give some presents. Anyway, lots of uni work to do today so I better get on with it. Hope everyone has a good week!

15 January 2012


Another hectic week has gone by, which means one more week closer to moving! I decided to pack up my office this week. I don't really need to use it over the next few weeks because our projects are all in research stages at the moment. Plus I'm not getting much time to concentrate on uni work anyway, so it might as well be boxed up! So my computer is in my room at the moment, which is actually quite nice because I can watch TV too :) Speaking of uni, it's so stressy at the moment. We had our group business plan mock presentation on Thursday, which didn't go that badly considering most of our slides were blank haha. But we've definitely got more now and I can't wait to finish the module on Thursday. I'm actually going to ask tomorrow if I can stay at home and carry on with all the work until we've moved because that would work so much better. But I haven't got a clue what they'll say :/

It's been super cold this week! This is when it sucks to have a diesel car, because it takes forever to heat up in the morning if it's frosty. When it gets cold like this I always want to go on holiday, which I shouldn't be thinking about at the moment! Aled's thinking the same though because he's even been looking at prices.

Some luck came my way this week (for a little while anyway!) because I won 4 cupcakes from Sally's Cupcakes, a lovely little shop in Rhos On Sea. I went to pick them up on Saturday after work. They were so beautiful, decorated like roses with pink glitter on top. I left the shop, walked about four steps..... and then fell over. Again. I fell over a few weeks ago and luckily it wasn't as bad this time but I have taken a chunk out of my knuckle and the cupcakes got squashed :( They still tasted good though!

For one of my uni modules this year we can pick our own brief. I chose a Roses one that required an advertising campaign for 'A Quarter Of', a retro online sweet shop. I've adapted the brief to design a complete branding and advertising campaign for a local sweet shop instead. My Mum's friend Jean owns a lovely little shop like this in Beaumaris, so I've decided to do it for there. I went to take some pictures on Saturday afternoon and went for some lunch with Mum while we were there. We had lunch in a really cute little cafe called 'Beau's Tea Shop' thats been featured on TV a couple of times. It was a tiny little place and we had a great time :)

I wasn't in the best mood last night, but luckily I have some amazing friends that are always there to cheer me up. Dale came round with a bottle of wine to put a smile back on my face. I don't like to bang on about why I wasn't feeling great but I really would love to speak my mind sometimes and tell people how I feel. I get taken for a mug sometimes. But anyway, there's plenty of good things going on in my life to focus on rather than the few bad things!

Another busy week again this week. Got uni all day tomorrow (including a presentation on my own), work tuesday and weds, uni on thursday for the dreaded presentation, work friday and sat and then it's Aled's 24th on Sunday! :) I won't say what I've got him incase he reads this but I can't wait to give him his presents.

8 January 2012


I feel like I've had a great start to 2012. By listing my goals earlier this week, I'm excited to cross them all off my list by Christmas 2012! A couple of these photos are from before the new year but I didn't get a chance to do a post on New Years day.

It's been a very rainy start to the year, but that's typical for living in North Wales. In the break between Christmas and New Year's I went to IKEA (again!) with Aled and Dad in the van to get all of the remaining furniture for the house. We actually popped down to the house yesterday to pick our kitchen tiles, so I finally remembered to take a picture :) I don't really want to go again before it's finished because I just want to move in whenever we go there. It was nice to see it though because they've started putting in the bathrooms and all of the radiators. We're hoping that it'll be about the 5th of February when we actually get the keys, so not long now!

Finally managed to find a printer that works (*touch wood*). We've had 3 Kodak printers within the last 18 months and they're awful. You can't knock them for the price of their inks but the quality is shocking and they never ever scan anything in. So I'd finally had enough last week and we swapped it for a Kodak Photosmart. The inks are more expensive but it's been great so far.

I've been looking for a 2012 diary for a few weeks, I know I left it quite short notice but I thought it would be quite easy to get one from town. It wasn't. They were all either really boring or too babyish. I was recommended to try Paperchase instead. We don't have one in town so I looked online and found a perfect diary! If you haven't got one yet, I'd definitely have a look on their website :)

Had a pretty boring night last night. Cooked steak and chips with Aled and then settled down to make a start on my uni work with several cups of tea. How exciting! I wasn't sure about quitting uni this week. This year is so theory based and has got off to such a slow start, plus the business plan we're doing is driving me crazy :( Plus, we were meant to get a mark for our GB brief work earlier this week and then uni internet wouldn't work (typical). Luckily, a friend of a friend managed to get my mark for me. I wasn't expecting much because people who had done better then me had got unfair marks, but I managed a 68! Not quite sure how because it was based on presentation skills and I rushed most of my presentations. So I'm pleased and decided to give it a few more weeks yet :)

5 January 2012

HELLO 2012

It's finally here.... another new year! I hope everyone had a great new year's eve and partied the night away. I opted for a more calm night, staying in with a curry takeaway and a couple of beers (but you wouldn't want to go out in Llandudno anyway!). I'm not a fan of new year's eve, I always seem to have a really rubbish night, but I was really excited for 2012 to start because it's a year full of exciting times. So now that January has started I'm really happy :)  I know a lot of people have the 'January blues' and I can see why with this miserable weather and the lack of christmas decorations but soon spring will be here and then summer!

In the past I've gone with the conventional new year's resolutions and said I'll stop biting my nails or eat more healthy but they never actually happen and I normally forget about them after a couple of weeks. While reading through people's blogs since the new year, lots of people come up with a list of goals for 2012 instead. This is such a nice, refreshing idea, so I've decided to write my own! I feel that by writing them down into a list I'll be more determined to do them. None of them are impossible so I should be able to do it. So here goes.......

  • Visit the Harry Potter studio tour
  • Get up earlier for work
  • Read more (10 books would be good!)
  • Handmake another patchwork quilt
  • Do a new cross stitch
  • Make a selection of handmade decorations for next Christmas
  • Visit Edinburgh for the weekend
  • Graduate from university (If it doesn't get any worse!)
  • Drink more water
  • Buy a new domain for my blog
  • Re-design my blog
  • Be more consistent with blog posts
  • Be happy and not let people get me down
  • Reach my goal weight (I'd rather not say what it is!)

I'll be really pleased if I can do them all this year whilst moving into the house and working full time. Wish me luck!