30 June 2012


Final exhibition at uni
Bacon butty times // No. 4 Privet Drive
:') // Rainbow over Rainbow Bridge
I've had a great couple of weeks :)

My trips to uni are over! Yay! I went to the opening evening of our degree show at uni on the 21st and then went back yesterday to take it all down and pick up my work books. Wasn't happy that a part of my work had been stolen but its happened before in uni so, sadly, I was expecting something to go wrong. Its really pathetic though because the work that got stolen is of no benefit to anyone else! Oh well. We get our results on the 9th (a week on Monday) and I'm a mix of nervous and excited to get them :/ I'm in work that day too so everyone will be asking how I did *fingers crossed*

We finally got round to booking tickets for the Harry Potter Studio Tour. I was meant to go a few months ago with Mum just after it opened but because things got so busy with uni, we put it off for a bit. Unfortunately, my Mum couldn't get a day off this week so Aled went with me instead. We had a lovely little break :) I booked us into a Premier Inn in Kings Langley, which was great apart from being woken up by the cleaners at 9am! It was right next to a great pub where we could have a few drinks and watch the Spain v Portugal game. I'll be doing a blog post for the Harry Potter tour next because there's loads of pictures!

Haven't got much planned for the rest of the weekend really, just going to relax and catch up on some tv and films I've bought recently. Hope everyones had a good week :)

11 June 2012


This is a brief I had for the business plan module in university. In a group, we worked on a business plan for a fictional sorbet company, Zorbets. Seeing that I didn't have the best knowledge of business plans, I volunteered to do the branding for the brief. I really enjoyed putting this together as it was a quick job but turned out to be really effective and received great comments in the final presentation to tutors.

I went for a luxurious look, using black throughout the branding and adding colour through using a series of bright lines. The branding was applied to the business plan booklet, final presentation, sorbet pots and t-shirts, which were worn for the presentation.

To see more of the branding, click on read more.

10 June 2012


One of my main briefs for my third year at university was a re-brand for The Penny Farthing, a traditional sweet shop in Beaumaris. It wasn't a live brief, but I really enjoyed working on it. After researching traditional sweet shops, I found out that most younger customers don't understand the pricing ("a quarter of...") due to the old imperial system. I also learnt that customers like to be involved with the purchase (opening the jars themselves to smell the sweets etc). To give the Penny Farthing a new identity that would separate it from the cliches of old sweet shops, I cam up with a more modern pick 'n' mix system that stayed true to the traditional values by allowing the customers to fill their individual box with sweets from the glass jars on the shelves.

The branding uses two colours, pink and blue, along with the new logo and supporting background graphic to give the shop a new bright and interesting look that draws attention. The branding was applied to exterior signage, bags, staff clothing, glass jars and the new custom pick 'n' mix boxes. Due to sweet shops being busier during holidays and special occasions, a range of further boxes were designed for times such as Easter, Christmas and Halloween.

Please click on read more to see more of the branding.


The Olympic Torch
Takeaway night // Prawn toast at Nikki Ipps
The happiest little man I know // Exhibition
 I'VE FINISHED UNIVERSITY!!! I never thought I'd get to say these words with the amount of stress this last year has brought but I did it! So nervous to get my results (July 9th I think) but so pleased it's all over. My last deadline was Thursday, which was to sort my exhibition out. I'm pretty pleased with how it looks, will have to take some photos of it when the room is back open after marking. The opening night of the degree show at Chester is June 21st and then its open throughout the day from the 22nd to the 27th. I'm really excited to go on the opening night and see everyones exhibitions because I didn't get the chance to have a nosey while I was sorting mine out. I'll be sure to take a load of pictures when I go to do a post :)

Got the chance to briefly see the Olympic Torch when it went through Penrhyn Bay on May 25th. I wanted to see it, but got up late, but then got stuck in traffic because it was passing through anyway!

It was mine and Aled's 5 year anniversary on May 31st <3 We went out for a meal to Nikki Ipps (an amazing chinese restaurant in Deganwy) and it was so tasty. To be fair, I've never had a bad meal there so it's always good! Would have taken pictures of all the food but it got a little dark in there and there was no way I was using flash when theres people at the table next to us :/ haha.

Now that I've finished uni, I've been able to see my friends and family a lot more :) My cousin Barry and Leila stayed last weekend with my little nephew :') He literally is the happiest little man ever. I love the age he's at now and also loving that he now says my name :')

Glastonbury in our back garden
My new favourite from McDonalds // Smooothie
Daisy the beagle // New fave drink
We finally started work on our garden! I've been taking pictures of the progress to post when its finished (we're only waiting for the furniture to be delivered now) but it looks sooo much better. It was starting to look like Glastonbury, especially with all the rain recently. I'm hoping the sunshine comes back asap so I can sunbathe and have a BBQ and actually use the garden!

We had a couple of friends around last night for some drinks. My friend Nat brought her adorable beagle Daisy with her, who was so well behaved! It gave me the chance to try out a new drink which Barry was having last weekend. Its vodka with russchian schweppes and a slice of lime. Lush. It's so refreshing and goes down far too easy!

Back to work full time on Monday. Genuinely so looking forward to being back in work. Mainly because I can just come home and relax instead of stressing about coursework. But also because I've got a few jobs to do there at the moment so its really nice to be busy. Of course, the money side of it is always a bonus too! Hope everyone has a good week.

28 May 2012


I. Am. Free.

Hallelujah! The last few months has been so chaotic with uni work, the house and working I'm surprised my brain didn't turn to mush! But its finally over and I can get back to a normal life now :)

I handed in the last of my uni work on the 24th and all I've got left to do is put my final exhibition up by the 7th and I'm all finished. Can't believe how quickly the last 3 years have gone to be honest. Deciding to go to university was one of the biggest decisions I've ever had to make and its not exactly been easy going this last year. I'm so lucky to have such great family and friends though, they know who they are and without them keeping me sane I think I would have lost the plot a while ago! We get our results on July 9th and I'm so nervous. I've been lucky enough to get a first in both first and second years but I know thats not happening this year so I just want to pass! I'm probably going to get one of the guys in work to login for me and tell me my results, I'll be way too scared!

So apart from uni coming to an end, I've had a few fun filled weeks since I last blogged. It was my birthday (24.... and feeling old) on May 7th. A week before it we went to the Trafford Centre for some much needed retail therapy. I went for a meal to Carlos, a lovely Italian restaurant in Craig Y Don, with Aled, Nat and Phil which was a great night. We went into town for a couple of drinks after the meal.... and I can safely say that I don't miss it at all. Sticky tables, arsehole bouncers, leering old men... YUCK. Got a few nice things for my birthday; some perfume and a meal out at my favourite pub from my Mum and Dad, money off family, Adele at the Royal Albert Hall from Leanne, a cute Boofle mug from Nat, earrings from Leila and Baz and a few other bits and bobs. Still can't believe that I'm 24 though. It literally feels like only a few months ago I was celebrating my 21st. Bad times.

Went for a walk with Aled to Conwy on Thursday evening after I finished uni. There's a lovely pub on the marina called the Mulberry. I haven't eaten there in years, we normally just go for drinks, and it was amazing. I had fish and chips and it even came on a fish shaped plate! Aled had a pizza and that was pretty awesome too. Probably go again soon :)

My Grandma's been down this weekend. She lives in Hull so she hadn't been over to see the house yet. I did a BBQ for Mum, Dad and Grandma on Saturday (oh yeah, this weather is amazing btw, I hope it stays like this all summer!) and then we went out for some food at the Castle View in Deganwy on Sunday. I had pork medallions with basmati rice and a stilton and peppercorn sauce. Oh my god it was so good. Had a chocolate brownie for pudding, which looked so good... but didn't taste so good. It was more like a small chocolate sponge and it was really dry. Ah well, the main made up for it.

So I'm back in work this week and working on the garden in the evenings. It was starting to look like a bunch of gypsies had moved in so time to get weeding and laying some turf! Hoping to have a big BBQ with my friends to make up for the lack of happiness with all the uni stress. This week is pretty big for me and Aled, its our 5 year anniversary! :) He's working on the day so we're off to Nikki Ipps (the best chinese restaurant ever) for a meal on Saturday night.

Anyway, got a load more blog posts to sort out! Hope everyones had a good month :)

Trafford Centre Food Hall
Me at Pizza Hut // Aled trying on some new kicks
Lunch buffet ftw.

New perfume from Mum for my birthday
Wedding Invites for the future Mr & Mrs Beach // New pillows after the Daybreak feature on bed bugs. Yuck.
Animated movie day // Cutting out the wedding invites

My new favourite Ben & Jerry's <3
Best cereal ever // Coors light... the best thing to have when doing uni work
Aled in the 'helicopter chair' // New Adele at the Royal Albert Hall blu-ray

Birthday meal at the Pen Y Bryn
Waffle desert <3 // Candlelit table
Pink roses // Birthday cards

Having a bottle of wine whilst doing work wasn't the best idea
Pixar movie day // Healthy lunch for a change
Very untidy office (not now!) // Cutting out boxes for a packaging concept

Sleeping beagle <3
New Boofle mug // Cutting out windows int he packaging
Sweets for my final display // McDonalds lunch

Down at the Mulberry in Conwy
Having a well deserved drink // Roberts looking cool
The summer essentials // Fish and chips. Nom.

Daisies <3
Lunch out with Aled // Walking over to Conwy
Meal out with the family // Beautiful but not tasty chocolate brownie

26 April 2012


Ok, so it's more like a month in photos.... but finally a new 'weekly' post! There's so much to talk about since I last posted that I don't really know where to start. We've completely settled into the house now :) It now feels really weird going back to Mum and Dad's house now because it doesn't feel like home anymore. I think it's because there's not all of my stuff clogging up all the rooms now! Two more houses have moved in on the street now but I can't wait until everyone is in so there's a bit more going on in the street. I've turned into a really bad people watcher though because our living room is upstairs and looks out over the whole street. The worst bit is that I seem to forget that they can see me too :') No one wants to see my in my pjs at 3 in the afternoon!

It's been a busy few weeks, so I've just done a brief description of the pictures because I'd be writing for days otherwise. I've had a good few weeks though. I went to Jeni's 21st in Conwy Golf Club, had some friends round for the last day of the Six Nations (you could say it was a house warming, but it was mainly in the afternoon and there was only a couple of us so we weren't partying all night!), like every other person in Britain we jumped on the BBQ bandwagon when we had that super hot week in March (which has sadly gone back to normal cold and rainy Wales now), I've been really busy in work re-merchandising the shop, finished my dissertation and last weekend had my cousins and little godson to stay! This weekend we've got some more guests because Nat and Phil are staying and we're going to Carlo's Italian restaurant on Saturday <3

Hope everyone has had a good month :)

Me and Aled before Jeni's 21st birthday party
Finally have working house phones and internet // Initial illustrations for a new project
Nat and Phil's dog Daisy destroying her new toys // Chocolate cereal FTW.

Aled's poor attempt at 'Man V Food' (He failed miserably)
Me and Aled at Frankie & Bennys in Chester
What the boot of a mini is made for // Mothers Day cupcakes from Sally's

BBQ weather in March
A nice cool Corona in our gypsy back garden // Emma + Coors Light = :)
Daisy outside work // Not a cloud in the sky

Smudge came to stay <3
Popcorn and chick flick time // Attractive feminine hands from moving shelving in work
Cheese and wine night with Dale // Aled's present to me for the last few weeks in uni

Decaf coffee with the girls before our bridesmaid dress fitting
Hot cross buns time // Dissertation writing
Chocolate Eggs //  A bit of girlie reading

Coby in his jim jams before bed
Mini Adventure // Ladybird watching my paint the fence
Rainy Wales // Plenty of new drinks for the Tassimo


Hi! I'm surprised I managed to remember my login details for Blogger, haven't posted in ages. Everything has been crazy with uni recently though and finally getting on track with the workload thats left. So its going to be a stressful few weeks until final hand ins on May 24th but at least I know what needs doing now! Plus I handed in my dissertation last week so at least another module is completed!

So I decided to get a new domain name and design for my blog. When I started the blog, it was a continuation of my design portfolio website, but I put a mixture of things on here now so it needed a new, more personal name. It took me forever to choose one but I finally went with EMSYPIE. It may sound odd, but a few people call me Emsy and my best friend is the only one who calls me Emsypie... so I went with that! I wanted something short so it works and I'm really happy with it :) It's also my blog's first birthday next month so its had an early present of a spruce up!

I'm hoping to start blogging a lot more now, I've really missed it over the last month. And Aled's probably been sick of me rambling on to him instead of on here! Haha. Not sure how many posts I'll manage while I finish off my uni work but definitely after I finish.

20 March 2012


Definitely a photo heavy post! Some people may think its quite personal to put pictures of a home on a blog. But I'm really proud of what me and Aled have managed to buy and what its turned out like, so why shouldn't I?! So here's our house! I've taken some pictures around every room apart from the 3rd bedroom/study because its my office and the general dumping ground at the moment. I'm really pleased with how its turned out and loved having people pop round for a cup of tea all the time. We've also had some lovely cards and presents from our friends and family and really appreciate it :) Enjoy having a nosey....


With us finally having the internet, I can actually share some photos with everyone of the house! These are just a few from our first night we stayed. Aled's Dad bought us a beautiful Champagne and glasses set which went down a treat on our first night. This feels like so long ago now because we've really settled in so its weird to think that its only 5 weeks ago. Some photos of the actual house to come next!

LtkWPC on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

12 March 2012


Hi blogging world :) FINALLY got the internet! At last I can actually do some uni work and blog posts. I hadn't realised how much I use the internet until we moved. Amazingly, it's even been delivered a day early :)

I feel like I've been getting a bit behind with uni work because I've not been able to research anything or print stuff off without going to my Mum and Dads or into work. No excuses now though, got so much to get on with. There's a few blog posts I need to do as well. I still haven't managed to take photos of design work I've done in the last few months. So I best get to it....

3 March 2012


I'm starting to feel majorly out of touch with blogging! Got so many posts I want to do but it's all useless without the internet :( Managing to get this one done while I'm babysitting but couldn't get a week in photos done last week (which explains the picture overload). The BT engineer is coming on Monday morning to hopefully set up our phone line but I'm not expecting much because they don't seem certain themselves! You don't realise how much you use the internet until you haven't got it though. I haven't been able to do much uni work over the last few weeks plus I haven't really had the time either. Finally making some progress with my main brief though so I just need to carry on developing ideas and get to grips with it.

So I'm starting to feel a lot more settled in the house now. I think it helps that Aled has been there every night this week because it's worst when he's on nights. I'm sure I'll get used to that though (at least I can have nights to watch my 'crappy' TV programmes then).

I've only been to uni once in the last two weeks :/ but I had plenty to do in work so I've been there instead. When I did go in last Monday, I found that part of my exhibition had been stolen. Shocking. I don't even understand what any student would gain from stealing a piece of someone else's work because you can't say its your own and its just petty and childish. It makes me hate uni even more. Its not the tutors fault but it just shows you how immature some of the students are. I don't think it would be anyone in our year because we all worked so hard to put the exhibitions together but I'd also hate to think it was any graphics student from any year. Anyway, what I did find quite funny was that one of my plastercine characters' eyes had fallen off :') I can't put it back either because its encased in perspex!

Pancake day is one of my favourite days of the year. Fact. My Mum has always made amazing pancakes so this was the first time I ever tried to make them. So together with Aled, I tried to make a fair few. It went horribly wrong :( We managed to make one decent one (which Aled ate) so I think I'll have to invite Mum round next year to make them for us!

After uni on that Monday, I took my car for its MOT and service. It passed :) But I was waiting a few hours because I prepaid for two MOTs and services in Winsford so its too far to get home. While I was waiting I went for a browse at Fords of Winsford, a massive car dealership. I saw some lovely minis there and a nice 3 door Corsa too. I used to have a Mini from when I was 18 till I was 21. I loved my Mini but I had to trade it in to get a diesel car for uni. Anyway, Aled's been wanting to get an Astra for a while so he's had my car and I've got a new car! (Scroll down to see a picture!)

Aled was on nights last weekend and I had a fair bit of uni work to do so I decided to have a Harry Potter marathon at home. I managed to watch the first 4 films but I thought I'd have the time to see them all. He's on days tomorrow so I think I'll carry on :) I love Harry Potter (books and films) and could watch them every day!

I've started developing three concepts for my main brief in uni. Its a rebrand for a local sweet shop so its been really fun so far. Its on my list of posts to get sorted once we've got the internet so I can show you all my ideas so far.

Lent has gone out of the window. I'm such a failure. Last April I actually stuck at a detox (no alcohol, takeaways, white carbs, sweets and crisps) and I've not been able to do it for more than a week since. I wanted to do it for lent but after a chaotic day in work the other day all I wanted was a pizza and a cold beer! Ah well, once the house warming party is done I think I'll try again.

MY NEW CAR! I'm actually in love with my new baby. Driving a mini is even better than I remember and I never ever want to sell this one! Feeling a bit bad for Aled though because this all happened quite quickly so I didn't get a chance to clean my car before handing it over to him this morning. Definitely going to do it this week though because there's all sorts in it (it looks like I live in my car sometimes).

So all in all I've had a good couple of weeks. Glad that the house feels more like home and loving my car. Also really relieved now that the new system has gone live in work, I just need to finish uni and then I can get back into a normal routine! I hope everyone has a good week :)

20 February 2012


What a week. Probably the best week I've had, but the most stressful! If you saw last week, we got the keys for the house on Saturday morning so the weekend was a bit hectic. The week carried on like that because the carpet people were there on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so we didn't finally finish putting everything up and in place until Thursday. It's amazing having the house but really scary and weird at the same time. It's odd because I never really spent loads of time with my Mum and Dad when I lived there but I miss just having that extra company around and the extra sound. I'm sure I'll get used to it soon though!

It's been a week full of 'firsts' in the new house including our first food shop which was a bit mental! I think we got a bit over excited and ended up buying half the shop. I don't think the guy who served us in Asda could quite believe that it was only for the two of us!

In love with the coffee machine that Aled's Dad bought us as a moving in present. It's the Tassimo T65 and we chose it because you can get decaf pods for it (I'm not allowed caffeine) but you can get so many more. There's normal tea, lots of different coffees and hot chocolate too. I've had a hot chocolate and one normal coffee (risking life haha) so far and they taste amazing. Highly recommended!

I spent the weekend chilling out really. Aled's been on nights so it's really quiet in the house during the day. With it being so quiet, it really makes us want to get a puppy. My lovely friend Nat has got a beagle called Daisy and she's amazing so a beagle puppy is on the cards :)

On Saturday I met Nat and Phil in Deganwy Quay Hotel to see a mocked up layout of a wedding because that's where they're having their wedding reception. Had a lovely natter and a tasty hot chocolate too. Nat came to mine that night too for a feast of chinese food (yes that was just for the two of us). Going to try and be A LOT more healthier for a while now because the weight I lost last year is just creeping back on :( Hoping to get a cross trainer or an Xbox and Kinect to start working out a bit.

Hope everyone has a good week :)

12 February 2012


What an amazing week! Started it off with a bit of a stressful hand-in in uni which put an end to another module. It was only stressful because I've never left so much till the last minute before. I normally have all my folder work and final pieces done a few days before the final day but because of all the things going on at the moment, I struggled a bit. It all worked out ok though, I'm happy with the folder! However, the exhibition we had to put up counted for 50% of the mark and I could have added a lot more to it. It looks fine and I'm happy with it but after seeing everyone else's, I think I could have included merchandise and a few more added extras. Never mind, I can now concentrate properly on the remaining 3 modules (which includes the big 40 credit one).

I had to pop to Chester on tuesday for ten minutes to add my name and my rationale to my exhibition, so Mum went with me and we went to Chiquitos for some food afterwards. Mum hadn't been before and I think she enjoyed it. I say think because she's never been good with spicy food! Haha. We both had the chocolate brownie for desert though which we both loved.

Talking of chocolate, there's been no short supply of junk food in work this week! I'm going to end up obese if I don't be careful :/

So I've been in work all week after my university hand in. I wasn't meant to work on Friday because me and Aled were meant to get the keys to the house. The solicitors were dragging their heels a bit though and it looked like it wasn't going to complete until Monday morning. I was a bit gutted but at least it was happening. So I went to work Saturday morning too. At about 9.45 I got the best phonecall ever from Aled to say that we did actually complete on Friday at 5pm but the solicitors never told us! Typical! It was amazing though :) I left work straight away and met Aled at the house for the hand over.

All weekend I've been working at the house with Aled and Dad (who's done so much work in one weekend!). Can't wait to show you all a load of pictures but we aren't moving in until Tuesday (Valentines Day <3 ) so there'll be nothing until then.

Finished today off with my last roast dinner at home. Perfect.

5 February 2012


Well hello bags under the eyes! Make up is my best friend at the moment because I genuinely look like s**t. Everywhere I go people are commenting on how tired I look, which feels great :/ The worst bit is, if I actually had the time to go for a lovely massage or facial, I would! Keep telling myself it'll all be worth it in the end though.

Anyway, you can probably guess that it's been a busy week. It's been mental in work with tweaking bits and bobs with the new computer system. It goes live on the 27th and I've got a week off before that so I need to get as much done as possible. As stressful as it is, it's nice to have so much to do and I'm really enjoying getting everything sorted for it. That's what the Acer tablet computer was for. My boss asked me if I could go and pick one up on Tuesday because our cheaper free one from a supplier packed in. We've been using it for putting the whole stock files barcodes in so it's been really handy! It's a really nice tablet too (the temptation to go on angry birds whilst in work is awful though!).

I've only been in uni once this week, on Monday. It was actually pretty pointless because we just carried on with our work and then my second lesson was cancelled because the tutor was ill. But I did go for a little shopping trip with Chris which was funny :') We were looking for little model people for his exhibition piece. I thought they'd have them in Toys R Us but it turns out they didn't. LOVED the little cars there though! There's so many more toys out now! We went for a Costa too which was lovely :)

I've got an exhibition to put up this week in uni. It needs to be up by 5pm on Friday but I'm going to do it tomorrow after I hand the workbook in because I don't really want to drive over there again. I'm pleased with my overall work for this module but I don't like how late I've left some of it. I never normally have so much to do right before the deadline and I never want to again!

On a lighter note, it's highly likely that we'll be getting the keys to the house on Friday!! SO EXCITED! Popped there quickly on Saturday to mention that Friday would be really good for us because Aled's shifts fall that he has 6 days off. So hopefully I'll be putting up flat pack furniture this time next week.

29 January 2012


Not a very eventful week (hence the lack of photos!) but another good week. It was Aled's birthday last Sunday so he came straight to mine after he finished work at 8pm. I made a roast pork dinner, which wasn't my best :( Normally I love my roast dinners but this one wasn't as good. But anyway, he loved his presents! I got him a Reebok punchbag and a load of mugs. He's wanted a punchbag for ages and said he was going to get one as soon as we move in. I couldn't think of a main present to get him, so I got him that! I bought some protective floor mats and a skipping rope too so all he needs to do is hang it and we're halfway to a gym in the garage. I want to get a cross trainer once we're moved in too. There's a good one from Tesco down to £160 from £250 at the moment so I'm hoping that offer stays on.

Not really done much this week really. I haven't been into uni once. Partly because I've just been doing work at home and I want to work as much as I can too for money. I'm actually feeling ok about uni work at the moment though. Now that we're one module down and another is going after the 6th of February, I can concentrate on the three remaining ones. I don't really want to get major stressed with it all anyway, there's too many other things to think about!

I'm loving my project that's finishing next week though. It's the one where we've done a re-brand for our university. I've come up with a set of characters for each department and colour zones etc. When I saw my tutor last week, he recommended that I look into possibly making models of the characters. So I went to the toy store Smyths in the week and bought a load of plasticine :) I have felt like a kid again this week using it! I'm really happy with the characters though and can't wait to upload some photos of all the work finished.

I went to see the house on Saturday with Aled and my Dad to measure up for the wooden flooring that my Dad's going to be fitting. It's looking so good :) The only things left to do are the tiling in the bathrooms and the fence and stuff in the garden! Bev in the sales office says that it should be about 2 weeks so I'm hoping we'll get the keys the week beginning the 13th because that's my reading week. So fingers crossed!