8 December 2011


It's been a pretty fun week! I spent most of last weekend working, babysitting and re-writing my proposal for my uni dissertation (which I hope I never have to do again). It's been a bit more interesting in the week though. I've been shopping with Aled quite a lot recently, but not for new clothes and bags (which I'd love to!) but for more grown-up things like wallpaper and paint samples and hoovers :') Not your most glamorous shopping trips but they've been really exciting and we actually have nothing left to buy until our huge trip to IKEA now! We haven't been in the house for nearly a month so I haven't got a clue at what will have changed but we're going on Saturday afternoon so I can't wait :)

On Monday I had my Identity Design seminar in uni. We've been working on a re-brand for our Arts & Media part of the uni for that module. Last week everyone was given a dedicated space in the gallery to design a PDF of your ideas, along with space for feedback, to be printed and hung up. They were all up on Monday so we all went to have a look. There are so many clever ideas from everyone which left me feeling not so good about mine (which I think is pretty natural to be honest). I was pleasantly surprised when I went back in there before leaving uni at 5 though as there was a bunch of positive comments! One person had even said that it was their favourite! I'm pleased to carry on with that work now so I'll have to do a separate post about it all.

It's been a week of firsts this week. First mince pie of 2011, first time I've been able to light a lighter and my first tattoo.... sort of! Chris asked if he could draw on my knuckles on Monday in uni and I wasn't bothered so let him go ahead. He did some lovely type on my knuckles saying LOVE LIFE. I'd never actually have it done but I loved the style of type!

Yesterday was lovely. I went with Aled and his Mum to see his Nain in Beaumaris in the morning. I think I'd only been to Beaumaris once before and it was years ago so it was really nice to go. I would have taken some photos but it was freezing so there was no way I was taking my mittens off! We're hoping to go back in a few weeks though because there was a lovely kitchen shop in the town. After getting back, we went straight over to the house site to pick our kitchen. It was really surreal picking the cabinets and worktops but I loved it. Apparently a lot of couples and families argue about what colour kitchen to get but we both loved the same one :) And then I saw Leanne in the evening for a cup of tea and a natter.

I'm going to my friend Erika's for a cuppa tonight and then working tomorrow. But roll on the weekend for a lie in and a trip to the Holland Arms with Aled, Nat and Phil :)

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