16 December 2011


For our identity design module this year, the brief has been to come up with a re-brand concept for the Arts & Media part of our university. That covers everything from graphic design and photography to music and drama. We've all been working on our ideas for the last couple of months and everyone has such different ideas. A couple of weeks ago, we were each given an individual space in the gallery to display our ideas and ask for feedback. This idea has worked really well as no one has been worried about putting down their thoughts because it's anonymous.

My idea is to make the site way-finding much easier and more interesting around the Kingsway buildings (where all of the Arts & Media courses are). The concept I came up with was to zone each departments area off with a different colour and to also have a character for each course. These elements would work along the walls of the buildings and then just as well onto print work and the website.

The feedback I've received has been mainly positive. I've had a couple of more negative comments however they have been constructive, which is great. The positives are that people like the colour and friendly style of the characters and type. The negatives are that the characters might be a bit too 'cute' for the university and that they don't relate to the courses. There was a reason for them not relating to the courses; I didn't want the characters to be completely stereotypical (i.e. the fine art one carrying a paint brush) so I thought that leaving them plain was more versatile and they had the zoned colours to back them up.

All in all, I'm really pleased with how the exhibition has gone and ready to progress with the idea now. This module finishes in February so we haven't got much longer to work on it. We'll be presenting it to the head of Art & Media when we get back in January though so I'll have more refined visuals to show by then.

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