27 December 2011


001. Old pub in Beaumaris / 002. Me at the pub
003. POJ turned 30! / 004. Cheap 'Pantone' mug
005. Hand drawn christmas cards / 006. A rare treat of proper coffee
007. Real fire burning <3 / 008. Much needed glass of wine and B&J
I feel like I haven't blogged for ages! And to be fair. I haven't really. I've had so much to do over the last few weeks so blog posts have been at the bottom of the list. But anyway, it's been a hectic few weeks so lots to talk about. I went with Aled and his Mum to see his Nain in Beaumaris a couple of weeks ago. It's such a lovely little town and I haven't been for years. There's some lovely little craft shops which we're going to go back to so I can have a look around properly because we ran out of time. We had lunch in a cute, old little pub while we were there too.

We've been buying loads for the house this month, which is why no one have received christmas presents (we'll make up for it next year!). While I was in Dumelm Mill, I saw some knock-off Pantone mugs :') Don't worry, I didn't buy any, but i wish the proper ones were that price! Because we've been saving money, I decided to design my own christmas cards this year. I've been experimenting more with illustrating lately and came up with four different designs. They are quite simple but I'm pleased with them for my first try. I'd like to do a calendar in the same style for 2012 but I don't know if I'll get a chance to do it this week in time for printing before January.

009. Plenty of chocolates around in work / 010. Glade christmas candles
011.  Ikea in Warrington / 012. Shopping for more house goodies
013. Christmas tree in work / 014. Aled celebrating our exchange of contracts
015. Me with the champers / 016. Brew and a mince pie
I was in work for a few days before we closed on the 21st. It's really nice to be in work before christmas because everyone is in a really happy mood and ready to hibernate for our two week shut down. We actually had training on the new computer system on the 21st and it's going to be so much easier to use than what we've got now. Roll on February 27th when it gets installed! There was plenty of chocolates, biscuits and cakes around too, which prepared us for the food babies we'll be nursing over christmas! We had a lovely tree in work this year too :) Normally it's a real one with mis-match decorations but our boss went and bought a really good one from Homebase with a shed load of new decorations, all in blue, white and silver.

We had some great news on Thursday. I woke up to find I'd had a call from the solicitors to say that we'd exchanged contracts on the house! :D So we decided to celebrate and go to IKEA for some goodies for the house. When we got back we cracked open a bottle of champagne and had a steak dinner <3 Our estimated completion date is February 14th but hopefully it'll be before that. So excited now :)

017. Dad and Aled in matching jumpers :') / 018. Christmas fairy cakes
019. Aled at the Queens Head / 020. Me at the Queens Head
021. The Queens Head pub / 022. Christmas Eve Lunch with Aled
023. Fish and chips lunch / 024. Christmas Eve
I went to The Queens Head in Glanwydden on Christmas Eve with Aled. He was working nights later that day so it was nice to go out for a meal :) That night I just chilled out at home and watched a film in bed. It was really weird not putting any presents under the tree on christmas eve :( However I did have some presents under the tree :) On christmas day we went down to the local for a pint while the turkey was cooking and then I helped Mum to make the rest of the dinner. I can't wait to have everyone round at ours next year for christmas! Anyway, I've got a pretty big list to write for my uni work now...

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