5 December 2011


I'm a sucker for Christmas, as you've probably guessed by now! I love to have the tree up on December 1st because it's way too pretty to leave until a couple of weeks before!

Our tree is quite big for the space we have but it's lasted years and years. I love real trees because they look better and smell amazing but they're too expensive for the big ones. Our bauble collection is a bit mis-match, which I prefer really :) Each one is more or less unique and and a different colour. My favourites are the gingerbread style ones and the Disney ones. I collect the Disney traditions ornaments and I found out last year that they do Christmas tree decorations so I invested in a couple.

Loving seeing everyone else's tree pictures on facebook and twitter :) Even though we aren't doing presents this year, I'm feeling very christmassy <3

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