15 November 2011


Dress: Miss Selfridge
Blazer: H&M
Belt: Primark
Ring: Mozzypop

I had planned to do this post on Friday (when I took the photos) but it's been a bit of crazy few days! So yeah, better late then never! Friday was of course Armistice day, a day to remember the fallen. I don't know personally of anyone who's been to war or is currently in the army, but I fully support the day and wore my poppy with pride :)

I had a presentation to do in uni on Friday so I had to dress up smartly (because we were actually getting marked on it) so I wore this dress from Miss Selfridge that I bought a while ago. It's quite annoying that every dress I seem to buy shrink in length after a couple of washes so I have to wear hot pants underneath (made from cut leggings) because I'm too tall :( It's happening to loads of my dresses now. Why can't companies just make dresses a couple of inches longer?!

I think my presentation went well, I'm not sure when we get our marks for it but there's nothing I can do now. We're marked on how we perform in the class and I'm not the greatest at presentations so I'm not expecting great marks. I'm good at planning what I want to say... but as soon as I'm stood in front of everyone I tend to blurt out everything in 10 seconds :')

Oh and I did decide to iron the dress before I left the house, which was probably a good idea looking at the pictures....

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