30 November 2011


I've not blogged for 15 days... :/ There's a tonne of reasons why I haven't but it's mainly due to lack of time and a lack of photos too really! Anyway, I've managed to scrape together a week in photos so things are looking up! Haha.

I can't believe it's December tomorrow!! Ahhh excited christmas child Emma can be released! Literally can't wait to get back from uni tomorrow afternoon and put the tree up :) Mince pies and christmas songs will also be involved! I love christmas and ever since I've bee old enough to do the tree without my Mum I like to put it up on the 1st. Some people think it's crazy but we have so many baubles and pretty decorations that I think it's a shame not to have it up for the whole month. I'll have to upload some pictures of it tomorrow.

So it's not been a very glamorous couple of weeks. It's mainly consisted of lists and paperwork :/ Me and Aled have taken the plunge and bought a house! An actual house! I've felt so grown up these last couple of weeks with endless trips to the bank and down to the site where the house is being built. It's a new build so it won't be ready until late Jan/early Feb so there's plenty of time to get all of the things we need. We actually have a lot already but I'd never say no to a trip to IKEA :) It's a 3 bed with a garage so we don't have to move for years! It's still a bit scary that I won't have finished uni by the time we moved in but it's a bonus too because I can spread my self out in one of the rooms and do my work.

It's gone really cold here now. Definitely time for scarves, hats and mittens. I nearly cried when I got in my car the other morning when it was completely frozen and the temperature was 0 degrees :( Because my car is a diesel, it takes forever to heat up so cold morning aren't fun!

I went out to Chester on Saturday afternoon/night with some of the guys from work. I've never been out drinking all day before and was pretty pleased with myself for not falling asleep! I had a really good laugh with the guys, it's nice to see people out of work but it's a shame more don't come (there was only 5 of us). Sunday, however, was not so fun. I think I've actually forgotten how to cope with hangovers. I woke up and felt absolutely horrid :( Managed to battle through and cooked a roast dinner on Sunday night to cure me.

This week has so far consisted of having a cold (which is going now). I went into uni this morning for a tutorial about my dissertation proposal... only to find that my tutor was on strike. Great. It's not looking good for me actually passing that module as I really struggle with writing essays. I can babble on about everyday rubbish for hours but specific subjects are hell (and the constant referencing doesn't help). Hoping to email it though and get some feedback. We've got a little presentation on in the gallery at uni next week so I'll take some photos of that when it's open.

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