6 November 2011


What an exciting week! :/ It's a record breaking amount of pictures on my phone this week.... 2. It says it all about this week. I've been in work 8-5 every day so by the time I get home and have tea there's not really time for anything interesting so I just end up watching TV or a film.

I'm the worst for unpacking after a trip away or holiday. Because we got back from London really late on the Monday night, I just threw everything into my room and forgot about it. When it got to a stage where I couldn't move around anything I thought it was time to tidy up! Haha :')

Back to uni this week though. I've got a group presentation to do on Monday morning at 9am :/ and then a lecture of Wednesday, client briefing on Thursday and another presentation (but on my own) on Friday. Compared to last year, I feel like I've done no work so far. Last year was crazy busy and I had done loads by this time int he year. This year is definitely different. It's more theory and presentation based and they aren't bothered as much about the workbooks.

I need to do my dissertation proposal by the first week in December though so that will be getting done soon. I'm awful at writing so I'm guessing that will be my worst marked module. I've picked some interesting student briefs to do so they should be interesting!

Hopefully I'll take some more pictures this week!

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  1. I'm the same as you.. I never bother to unpack after I've been away and then it just eventually ends up getting worse! Boo.
    Have a lovely evening.x