2 November 2011


I did my last week in photos last Thursday so it's not a full week. On Friday I had two presentations to do in uni. One was for my proposed dissertation topic (How Hip How has influenced design) and the other was for my GB Group re-brand brief. We can't show the GB work online anymore because the company don't want us to! So I'd love to hear people's feedback but uni won't allow it :/ They both went well though and I've got my final GB presentation a week on Friday. We've been recommended to wear smart clothing and we have to sell our work to the client for 5 minutes. I'm screwed because I panic as soon as I stand up and blurt everything out in 30 seconds! I'll have to practice though because we're actually marked on it.

I went to London at the weekend which I won't really bore you with because there's a separate post about it. I bought some false nails before I went though and painted them on the train. They looked really nice and were easier to do but I think I prefer just painting my own nails.

I loved the signage that H&M stores in London have got around the stores. I don't know if others have got it (I've not noticed it in Bangor or Chester) but it looks really cool. It's all handwritten scribbly type describing where things are and showing quotes on the walls.

I went to possibly the biggest shop on the planet too... Selfridges. I don't think I've ever gone into the London one before and I can see why. It was huge and there was so many people in there! They had some really nice stuff though and I managed to buy enough to warrant one of the big yellow bags :)

I'm gutted I never got to dress up for Halloween :( Weirdly, me and Aled were in London for Halloween last year too so I didn't get to dress up then either. I'm hoping we'll have our own place by this time next year so we can have an all-out party!

So it's back to reality now. I had to go into uni today to meet my group for Identity Design (the re-brand of our uni brief) to design our presentation so that's done now. In work for the rest of the week now (along with endless uni work at night!). Can't believe it's November already either! Third year will be over before I know it....

P.S. I hope all you guys are getting involved with Movember! I offered to sponsor Aled £100 to do it but he wasn't up for it :(

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