1 November 2011


This may be a very heavy photo post, but I'm pleased with myself for narrowing down to just these select few! I went to London for the weekend with Aled and our friend Dale. Some people think it's a bit odd that we went with just one other friend, but we all get on really well so it was more a friends weekend away rather than a coupley thing with a tag along!

We left early Saturday morning and got to the big smoke at about half 10. I managed to get us rooms in the Radisson Grafton Hotel on Tottenham Court Road for really cheap a couple of months ago (£150 cheaper than the premier inn!) and it was really nice. The car is pretty pricey but that's sort of expected with hotels like that. It was really handy where it was though because Oxford Street (a.k.a heaven) was only a 10 minute walk away :)

I bought loads of new goodies while I was there too. A new coat, blazer, trainers/pumps, dress, jumper, cardigan, tights... blah blah blah. Oxford Street does stress me out a bit though. Sometimes I just want to snap my fingers and make everyone else disappear so I can actually have a proper look around but instead you end up bumping into someone every two seconds.

You can probably tell I'm a foodie so we had plenty of nice food! On Saturday night we headed to Leicester Square to go to Chiquitos. I ended up having a bottle of wine with the meal and we were there till nearly midnight :') The wine obviously had an effect on me though because I stupidly went crazy in the M and M store and bought £5.50 worth of sweets (which should only really have been about £1... rip off but fun). We had planned to go to one of the Angus Steakhouse restaurants on the Sunday night but after sitting down at the table and realising that it was going to be about £50 per person we decided not to and opted for a cheap and cheerful Pizza Hut instead! There's no shortage of places to eat in London though. I love stumbling across random little pubs like we did on Sunday lunchtime and getting a yummy roast dinner.

I'm an Arsenal fan and normally I'd go to the Emirates if we're playing at home on the weekend I'm there. We weren't at home but we were playing away to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. I couldn't decide whether to book tickets because it's a tough game and then when I found out the price (£60!) I decided not to go. GUTTED. What a wrong decision! We won 5-3 so I missed one hell of a game. I've not even seen the highlights yet either :(

So London was amazing, can't wait to go again next year!

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