9 November 2011


Christmas is on it's way :) Now that Bonfire Night is been and gone, it's time to get in the spirit! Our local garden nursery does a beautiful Christmas decorations display and it opened last week. We go every year which is why our tree is a bit chaotic but I can't resist. Next year I'll have my own tree to decorate so it's worth buying some now in preparation right?....

My favourite decorations are the ones aimed at children (says it all haha) like the gingerbread men and sweets and cupcakes. I really don't like trees that are colour co-ordinated to be gold and red or silver and blue, I prefer it to be multicoloured! Can't wait for Christmas though. It's my last at home with my Mum and Dad so we're going to get a massive turkey from the local butchers and pig out :) Got some plans for some handmade decorations too so can't wait to get started on them in the next few weeks!


  1. Oh Wow!! All these pictures are amazing! I'm so excited for xmas too! I'm agree with you, I prefer trees to be all multi-coloured, my Dad still uses all the old wooden decorations that are years old & anything that I made as a kid! The tree always looks spectacular! xx P.s following you on twitter too, hope you don't mind :)

  2. Thanks :) Yeah I can't wait! And of course I don't mind :) x