8 November 2011


Dress: Primark
Necklace: Primark

Got this dress from Primark when I was in London. Glad it fits and everything because there was no way I was queuing to try it on t that madhouse! Quite surprising that I bought it really because I'm petrified of birds :') Literally can't stand them. I'm sure I burned off many calories dodging all the pigeons when we were in London. Seagulls are the worst though. They just look evil and there's loads of them where I live. They even take your food from your hands :( Horrible animals!

Still not really wearing full on winter clothing because it's pretty warm Weird British weather to blame. It gets pretty cold at night though. We had loads of snow last year so I'm sort of hoping it happens again. Snow is really pretty and fun, but only for a day or two. I couldn't move my car for nearly 2 weeks last year :/ No sign of it on the mountains I can see from my room yet though.


  1. Such a lovely dress.. Know what you mean about LDN primark changing rooms! Absolute NIGHTMARE!
    However this dress was definitely a good choice in picking up, it looks so lovely on!
    Ps. I hope it snows too! I've been living in the French Alps for the past 4 years so kinda used to the snow!x

  2. Thanks :) They had the same dress in loads of different patterns to! Wow the Alps, that must be cool! Yea, bring on the snow :) x