30 November 2011


I'm loving how much publicity Movember has had this year! No one I know has done it before so it was really nice that so many guys have embraced it and grown a moustache this year :) For anyone who doesn't know, Movember is a charity fundraising month where men are encouraged to grow a moustache to raise money and awareness for men's health, specifically prostate cancer.

As I work in a builders merchants, there's plenty of guys working there and this year a big group got on board with it. There's been some really funny looks from customers :') and some itchy faces but it's all been worth it as they've raised a load of money. Guys at the Llandudno Junction and Ruthin branches took part, you can see all of their individual 'mo's' below... Oh and spot the fake! Haha.


I've not blogged for 15 days... :/ There's a tonne of reasons why I haven't but it's mainly due to lack of time and a lack of photos too really! Anyway, I've managed to scrape together a week in photos so things are looking up! Haha.

I can't believe it's December tomorrow!! Ahhh excited christmas child Emma can be released! Literally can't wait to get back from uni tomorrow afternoon and put the tree up :) Mince pies and christmas songs will also be involved! I love christmas and ever since I've bee old enough to do the tree without my Mum I like to put it up on the 1st. Some people think it's crazy but we have so many baubles and pretty decorations that I think it's a shame not to have it up for the whole month. I'll have to upload some pictures of it tomorrow.

So it's not been a very glamorous couple of weeks. It's mainly consisted of lists and paperwork :/ Me and Aled have taken the plunge and bought a house! An actual house! I've felt so grown up these last couple of weeks with endless trips to the bank and down to the site where the house is being built. It's a new build so it won't be ready until late Jan/early Feb so there's plenty of time to get all of the things we need. We actually have a lot already but I'd never say no to a trip to IKEA :) It's a 3 bed with a garage so we don't have to move for years! It's still a bit scary that I won't have finished uni by the time we moved in but it's a bonus too because I can spread my self out in one of the rooms and do my work.

It's gone really cold here now. Definitely time for scarves, hats and mittens. I nearly cried when I got in my car the other morning when it was completely frozen and the temperature was 0 degrees :( Because my car is a diesel, it takes forever to heat up so cold morning aren't fun!

I went out to Chester on Saturday afternoon/night with some of the guys from work. I've never been out drinking all day before and was pretty pleased with myself for not falling asleep! I had a really good laugh with the guys, it's nice to see people out of work but it's a shame more don't come (there was only 5 of us). Sunday, however, was not so fun. I think I've actually forgotten how to cope with hangovers. I woke up and felt absolutely horrid :( Managed to battle through and cooked a roast dinner on Sunday night to cure me.

This week has so far consisted of having a cold (which is going now). I went into uni this morning for a tutorial about my dissertation proposal... only to find that my tutor was on strike. Great. It's not looking good for me actually passing that module as I really struggle with writing essays. I can babble on about everyday rubbish for hours but specific subjects are hell (and the constant referencing doesn't help). Hoping to email it though and get some feedback. We've got a little presentation on in the gallery at uni next week so I'll take some photos of that when it's open.

15 November 2011


Dress: Miss Selfridge
Blazer: H&M
Belt: Primark
Ring: Mozzypop

I had planned to do this post on Friday (when I took the photos) but it's been a bit of crazy few days! So yeah, better late then never! Friday was of course Armistice day, a day to remember the fallen. I don't know personally of anyone who's been to war or is currently in the army, but I fully support the day and wore my poppy with pride :)

I had a presentation to do in uni on Friday so I had to dress up smartly (because we were actually getting marked on it) so I wore this dress from Miss Selfridge that I bought a while ago. It's quite annoying that every dress I seem to buy shrink in length after a couple of washes so I have to wear hot pants underneath (made from cut leggings) because I'm too tall :( It's happening to loads of my dresses now. Why can't companies just make dresses a couple of inches longer?!

I think my presentation went well, I'm not sure when we get our marks for it but there's nothing I can do now. We're marked on how we perform in the class and I'm not the greatest at presentations so I'm not expecting great marks. I'm good at planning what I want to say... but as soon as I'm stood in front of everyone I tend to blurt out everything in 10 seconds :')

Oh and I did decide to iron the dress before I left the house, which was probably a good idea looking at the pictures....

9 November 2011


Christmas is on it's way :) Now that Bonfire Night is been and gone, it's time to get in the spirit! Our local garden nursery does a beautiful Christmas decorations display and it opened last week. We go every year which is why our tree is a bit chaotic but I can't resist. Next year I'll have my own tree to decorate so it's worth buying some now in preparation right?....

My favourite decorations are the ones aimed at children (says it all haha) like the gingerbread men and sweets and cupcakes. I really don't like trees that are colour co-ordinated to be gold and red or silver and blue, I prefer it to be multicoloured! Can't wait for Christmas though. It's my last at home with my Mum and Dad so we're going to get a massive turkey from the local butchers and pig out :) Got some plans for some handmade decorations too so can't wait to get started on them in the next few weeks!

8 November 2011


Dress: Primark
Necklace: Primark

Got this dress from Primark when I was in London. Glad it fits and everything because there was no way I was queuing to try it on t that madhouse! Quite surprising that I bought it really because I'm petrified of birds :') Literally can't stand them. I'm sure I burned off many calories dodging all the pigeons when we were in London. Seagulls are the worst though. They just look evil and there's loads of them where I live. They even take your food from your hands :( Horrible animals!

Still not really wearing full on winter clothing because it's pretty warm Weird British weather to blame. It gets pretty cold at night though. We had loads of snow last year so I'm sort of hoping it happens again. Snow is really pretty and fun, but only for a day or two. I couldn't move my car for nearly 2 weeks last year :/ No sign of it on the mountains I can see from my room yet though.

7 November 2011


Here are some of the photos I took on Saturday night at the fireworks display. The display was held on the pier in Llandudno, so you can stand anywhere on the prom and get a good view of it :) Decided to take my camera to see what kind of shots I could get. Some of them are really nice but it's a shame some only show half a firework!

The prom was packed so it took forever to drive home. But it was worth it because the display was really good. It was the first time Aled's managed to go to it because he's normally been in work or it's been cancelled because of bad weather. Last year we had our own party and display in the back garden which was really nice but it's lucky we didn't because it was raining at our house!

6 November 2011


What an exciting week! :/ It's a record breaking amount of pictures on my phone this week.... 2. It says it all about this week. I've been in work 8-5 every day so by the time I get home and have tea there's not really time for anything interesting so I just end up watching TV or a film.

I'm the worst for unpacking after a trip away or holiday. Because we got back from London really late on the Monday night, I just threw everything into my room and forgot about it. When it got to a stage where I couldn't move around anything I thought it was time to tidy up! Haha :')

Back to uni this week though. I've got a group presentation to do on Monday morning at 9am :/ and then a lecture of Wednesday, client briefing on Thursday and another presentation (but on my own) on Friday. Compared to last year, I feel like I've done no work so far. Last year was crazy busy and I had done loads by this time int he year. This year is definitely different. It's more theory and presentation based and they aren't bothered as much about the workbooks.

I need to do my dissertation proposal by the first week in December though so that will be getting done soon. I'm awful at writing so I'm guessing that will be my worst marked module. I've picked some interesting student briefs to do so they should be interesting!

Hopefully I'll take some more pictures this week!

5 November 2011


I came across Mozzypop's jewellery shop on twitter when Danielle mentioned it in a tweet and then a blog post. I love finding little shops like this online so I decided to treat myself! The jewellery I bought is beautiful and hopefully I'll get some more soon. I got a pair of rose stud earrings, an owl ring and a cross double ring. You should definitely check out the shop!

2 November 2011


I did my last week in photos last Thursday so it's not a full week. On Friday I had two presentations to do in uni. One was for my proposed dissertation topic (How Hip How has influenced design) and the other was for my GB Group re-brand brief. We can't show the GB work online anymore because the company don't want us to! So I'd love to hear people's feedback but uni won't allow it :/ They both went well though and I've got my final GB presentation a week on Friday. We've been recommended to wear smart clothing and we have to sell our work to the client for 5 minutes. I'm screwed because I panic as soon as I stand up and blurt everything out in 30 seconds! I'll have to practice though because we're actually marked on it.

I went to London at the weekend which I won't really bore you with because there's a separate post about it. I bought some false nails before I went though and painted them on the train. They looked really nice and were easier to do but I think I prefer just painting my own nails.

I loved the signage that H&M stores in London have got around the stores. I don't know if others have got it (I've not noticed it in Bangor or Chester) but it looks really cool. It's all handwritten scribbly type describing where things are and showing quotes on the walls.

I went to possibly the biggest shop on the planet too... Selfridges. I don't think I've ever gone into the London one before and I can see why. It was huge and there was so many people in there! They had some really nice stuff though and I managed to buy enough to warrant one of the big yellow bags :)

I'm gutted I never got to dress up for Halloween :( Weirdly, me and Aled were in London for Halloween last year too so I didn't get to dress up then either. I'm hoping we'll have our own place by this time next year so we can have an all-out party!

So it's back to reality now. I had to go into uni today to meet my group for Identity Design (the re-brand of our uni brief) to design our presentation so that's done now. In work for the rest of the week now (along with endless uni work at night!). Can't believe it's November already either! Third year will be over before I know it....

P.S. I hope all you guys are getting involved with Movember! I offered to sponsor Aled £100 to do it but he wasn't up for it :(

1 November 2011


This may be a very heavy photo post, but I'm pleased with myself for narrowing down to just these select few! I went to London for the weekend with Aled and our friend Dale. Some people think it's a bit odd that we went with just one other friend, but we all get on really well so it was more a friends weekend away rather than a coupley thing with a tag along!

We left early Saturday morning and got to the big smoke at about half 10. I managed to get us rooms in the Radisson Grafton Hotel on Tottenham Court Road for really cheap a couple of months ago (£150 cheaper than the premier inn!) and it was really nice. The car is pretty pricey but that's sort of expected with hotels like that. It was really handy where it was though because Oxford Street (a.k.a heaven) was only a 10 minute walk away :)

I bought loads of new goodies while I was there too. A new coat, blazer, trainers/pumps, dress, jumper, cardigan, tights... blah blah blah. Oxford Street does stress me out a bit though. Sometimes I just want to snap my fingers and make everyone else disappear so I can actually have a proper look around but instead you end up bumping into someone every two seconds.

You can probably tell I'm a foodie so we had plenty of nice food! On Saturday night we headed to Leicester Square to go to Chiquitos. I ended up having a bottle of wine with the meal and we were there till nearly midnight :') The wine obviously had an effect on me though because I stupidly went crazy in the M and M store and bought £5.50 worth of sweets (which should only really have been about £1... rip off but fun). We had planned to go to one of the Angus Steakhouse restaurants on the Sunday night but after sitting down at the table and realising that it was going to be about £50 per person we decided not to and opted for a cheap and cheerful Pizza Hut instead! There's no shortage of places to eat in London though. I love stumbling across random little pubs like we did on Sunday lunchtime and getting a yummy roast dinner.

I'm an Arsenal fan and normally I'd go to the Emirates if we're playing at home on the weekend I'm there. We weren't at home but we were playing away to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. I couldn't decide whether to book tickets because it's a tough game and then when I found out the price (£60!) I decided not to go. GUTTED. What a wrong decision! We won 5-3 so I missed one hell of a game. I've not even seen the highlights yet either :(

So London was amazing, can't wait to go again next year!


I love baking :) I can make a yummy chocolate cake with my eyes closed and I'm not too bad at fairy cakes but I've never really tried to make cupcakes properly with the decorative icing and everything. I went shopping with my mum to Asda tonight and they've started doing a range of cupcake accessories (stands, boxes, decorations etc) so she asked if I'd like to make some for her to take to work. I decided to do a plain sponge cake with a raspberry flavoured pink icing. They turned out ok, but I can definitely improve at the whole icing bag technique! I'm hoping to make a few more with different colours and flavours (and maybe some christmas themed ones when it gets to December). They taste good though, which is the main thing!