16 October 2011


I went to Bangor on Saturday with my Mum. I don't normally go shopping there because we've got most shops in Llandudno, but they have a H&M. Got loads of new clothes and it all came to under £200! Really pleased :)

We went to Fat Cats for lunch. I normally have this lovely ciabatta and hummus starter that they do, but I thought I'd try something a bit different and had the veggie platter. It doesn't look great but it was so tasty! I hate olives, so I gave them to Mum but everything else was really good.

These were all taken on my new camera too. It's a lot easier than taking my SLR everywhere! I got the Olympus D-720 and it's amazing so far. It has a super macro setting for up close photos (which I take quite often) and HD video. I'll be taking it to London with me so I don't have to take my SLR out at night.

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