18 October 2011


I've got 5 modules in uni this year so there's loads of work to do!


For Identity Design we've been given the brief of designing an identity / branding for Kingsway. Kingsway is the buildings where all the Arts and Media courses for the uni are (where graphic design is). It's a couple of miles away from the main campus so they want it to have a separate branding and express how creative all the courses are in the building. This is going to include a logo, promotional material and possible wall art and creative spaces in the building itself. You can see how boring and bland Kingsway is from these photos...

The walls are all mainly white with a few examples of work up, but nothing would suggest that all of the creative courses are here. We're only doing research at the moment but I can't wait to get started on some designs because we can be as crazy as we want :)


My least favourite module :/ At the moment we're working on a re-branding brief for GB Group which is ok. But this is the module where we have to do a business plan (lots of maths and excel spreadsheet boring rubbish) so I'll be glad when it's over in February. These are my initial rough sketches for their new logo so far...

We had a feedback session on Friday and I was told to develop the last two logos in the pictures. We've got to apply them to stationery items this week to present on Friday again.


This doesn't start until a few weeks time because we have to pick a D&AD brief to do and they aren't out until November.


My dissertation module :'( I hate writing and I'm bad at it. We have to do 4000 words (which I know isn't a lot) but normally a workbook has to be handed in too which brings my shocking essay mark up. So, without that to rely on, I'll have to try my best :/ It's on Hip Hop culture though, which is something I'm really interested in so hopefully it won't be too bad.

I've got a few books to read and a couple of DVD's (including the Channel 4 programme) so the research part won't be too bad really.


This is my favourite module at the moment because we get to pick out own briefs (either live or competition). I found this website that had a list of which organisations set up student briefs and I've narrowed it down to a few.
  • Penguin Design Award: Design an illustrated book cover for the book 'Grimm's Fairy Tales' by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.
  • Starpack Packaging Brief: Design a new assortment of chocolates and gift pack that is relevant to the modern world in which we live (for Nestle).
  • RSA Projects: Social Mail. Celebrate and encourage the art of letter writing through the design of a set of stamps that will entice the sender to post a letter for the Royal Mail.
These are my favourites so far, but the D&AD and YCN ones haven't been released yet.

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