27 October 2011


Only nearly a week late! Oops! Partly because I've been busy with work and uni and then because the internet seems persistent on not working at the moment. I keep having to reboot the router twice a day :/ Hopefully it will be back to normal soon though.

Last week started off really well though.... we bought a new TV :) To be fair, it was a bargain from Comet. Down to 476 from 800 so it would have been a crime not to! Loving that I can watch some of the Arsenal champions league games that are on ITV in HD now. I bought Fast Five and The Green Lantern on blu-ray too. Fast Five is such a great film if you haven't seen it, might be my favourite out of all the fast and furious films to be honest. I love superhero films and Ryan Reynolds so I had high hopes for the Green Lantern. It's good, but a bit complicated at the beginning (but that's probably just me).

I was barely in uni last week. I didn't go to uni on Monday because I thought my car needed a new tyre. Turns out it didn't so I felt pretty stupid :') Then I wasn't in until Thursday. Same this week really, so I went into work on Tuesday and Wednesday. I've got two presentations tomorrow though so that's what I'm getting ready today. Then I'm off to Nat and Phil's with Aled tomorrow night and then it's off to London on Saturday morning :D

We went to the Conwy Food Festival on Sunday which was really good (I've blogged about it separately). Oh and I've done my first illustration. It's not great and I don't know if people will like it but I'm going to finish it off today and upload it to see what people think.

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