16 October 2011


It's been a much better week this week :) It's gone really quickly though and I hope it keeps going quickly because it's not long till London, which means it's then Haloween and Bonfire night and then.... CHRISTMAS!! I know some people hate it, but I'm a sucker for getting all snuggled up and watching Home Alone with mince pies. However, I try to wait until bonfire night has been before getting too excited. It's a bit sad this year though because it'll be my last christmas at home with my Mum and Dad as I'm moving out next year.

Monday is becoming a really expensive day. I'm in uni from 9 till 11 and then 6 till 7, so I have a 7 hour break in between. It's not worth driving back because it's a waste of money.... so I tend to spend it 'window shopping'. This really is lethal. I bought a new compact camera this last Monday from Currys, which I have been needing to get for a while as my last one broke (and it was down to £90 from £190!) but I start looking at other things like TV's and it's not good. I'll have to try and stay in uni and just do work in future.

So yeah, second week of uni and I'm starting to like the briefs a lot more. The only thing I'm not looking forward to this year is doing the business plan. We have to figure out costs for renting an office and what we'd charge for work etc. All really boring maths and excel spreadsheet stuff which isn't interesting at all.

I've changed my dissertation topic (for the last time) to Hip Hop culture and it's effect on design. There was a programme on Channel 4 in August called 'How Hip Hop Changed the World' which gave me the idea for my topic. I asked Channel 4 if they could send me a copy on DVD because it's not on 4OD anymore and they transferred me to Fresh One, the company which made the programme. I was a bit worried that I wouldn't get anywhere but the people at Fresh One were so helpful and sent me a disc straight away with a little good luck message! Time to crack on with the essay now though...

Spent the weekend shopping and cleaning really. I went to Bangor with my Mum yesterday to go to H&M (seeing as though their online shopping sucks) and got lots of new clothes :) Can't wait to wear them all. And then today I've just been cleaning my room and car really. While I was cleaning my car I realised that one of the back tyres on my car is bald though, so that's a nice £180 I'll have to part with tomorrow. And I won't be able to go to uni.

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