9 October 2011


I've had a bit of a pants week to be honest. It's been my first week back in uni (which I wasn't sure if I was looking forward to anyway). I've loved seeing everyone again and having a laugh, but the briefs we've been set so far seem rubbish. I sort of felt like this last year though, so I'm guessing I'll feel fine and be back into the whole routine of uni within a couple of weeks.

Monday started off great though because I got to drive to uni listening to Chris Moyles :) He makes me laugh so much :') I can't remember which day, but he had James Corden in (I think it was Monday) and they were so funny! I didn't realise that James had a new book out so I went and bought it that night. Haven't had a chance to read it yet.... and I my pasta all spilled over it in my bag on Friday. FAIL. It was funny though.

Got to see my little nephew on Saturday as they've all been away on holiday for 2 weeks so I've not seen him since his birthday. I could literally be in the worst mood ever but he'd cheer me up. He's such a cheeky monkey! Hopefully I'll be able to see him and his Mummy Leila more now that I'm back in uni because I'll have afternoons off.

No one told me that Curry's did an Angry Bird docking station for iPods!!! I almost died when I saw it :') My Dad couldn't understand why I wanted it because I'm scared of birds (which is true) but he has no idea what Angry Birds is so understandably he was confused!

We had to take our Kodak print back to Currys AGAIN because it wouldn't print properly or scan at all. I had uni work to print off today so I took it down with Mum this afternoon. Luckily the service was amazing and the manager was so helpful. He should have sent it off to be repaired but instead he sorted us out with a new printer with inks and paper too. It seems to be much better quality than the older one too so I hope it stays working,

I got a new desk chair this week. Boring, but needed. I had a plastic IKEA chair which was really uncomfy after a few hours so got a new mesh style one from Rymans in Chester. It seems to be a big mistake though because whenever I get off it, Smudge nicks my seat!

Finally got around to putting some Mexico pictures in a frame we bought from Xel-Ha. It only took a couple of minutes so I don't know why I hadn't done it sooner, but it's done now. I got a bit depressed looking through the photos because it feels like ages ago and I don't think we'll get to go on holiday next year because of moving out.

Anyway, hope everyone's had a good week and been loving or hating the X Factor this weekend (so many statuses and tweets about it!).

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