24 October 2011


A bit of a photo heavy post, but here are some of my favourite shots from the weekend. I went over to Conwy because the annual food festival was on. I think it's been going for about 4 years now and I've been every year. Luckily, it wasn't raining but it was quite cold and gloomy. You have to pay to access some of the areas but we didn't and ended up just walking into some of them because they weren't checking!

There was plenty of food samples :) We ended up buying some pork burgers, pork and apple sausages (which I didn't think I'd like) and lamb burgers. We could've gone on forever and bought loads but it is quite expensive because it's all local and organic and that. There was a really cool chilli stand that had hundreds of different bottles of chilli sauces. Dad manned up and tried the hottest chilli sauce but I wasn't up to the challenge!

They had a lighting digital arts event on in the evening (which said the Saturday and Sunday) on the website, which wasn't actually on the Sunday afternoon s I was pretty annoyed at that because I didn't go on Saturday :( Hopefully they'll do it next year though.

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