27 October 2011


Only nearly a week late! Oops! Partly because I've been busy with work and uni and then because the internet seems persistent on not working at the moment. I keep having to reboot the router twice a day :/ Hopefully it will be back to normal soon though.

Last week started off really well though.... we bought a new TV :) To be fair, it was a bargain from Comet. Down to 476 from 800 so it would have been a crime not to! Loving that I can watch some of the Arsenal champions league games that are on ITV in HD now. I bought Fast Five and The Green Lantern on blu-ray too. Fast Five is such a great film if you haven't seen it, might be my favourite out of all the fast and furious films to be honest. I love superhero films and Ryan Reynolds so I had high hopes for the Green Lantern. It's good, but a bit complicated at the beginning (but that's probably just me).

I was barely in uni last week. I didn't go to uni on Monday because I thought my car needed a new tyre. Turns out it didn't so I felt pretty stupid :') Then I wasn't in until Thursday. Same this week really, so I went into work on Tuesday and Wednesday. I've got two presentations tomorrow though so that's what I'm getting ready today. Then I'm off to Nat and Phil's with Aled tomorrow night and then it's off to London on Saturday morning :D

We went to the Conwy Food Festival on Sunday which was really good (I've blogged about it separately). Oh and I've done my first illustration. It's not great and I don't know if people will like it but I'm going to finish it off today and upload it to see what people think.

24 October 2011


A bit of a photo heavy post, but here are some of my favourite shots from the weekend. I went over to Conwy because the annual food festival was on. I think it's been going for about 4 years now and I've been every year. Luckily, it wasn't raining but it was quite cold and gloomy. You have to pay to access some of the areas but we didn't and ended up just walking into some of them because they weren't checking!

There was plenty of food samples :) We ended up buying some pork burgers, pork and apple sausages (which I didn't think I'd like) and lamb burgers. We could've gone on forever and bought loads but it is quite expensive because it's all local and organic and that. There was a really cool chilli stand that had hundreds of different bottles of chilli sauces. Dad manned up and tried the hottest chilli sauce but I wasn't up to the challenge!

They had a lighting digital arts event on in the evening (which said the Saturday and Sunday) on the website, which wasn't actually on the Sunday afternoon s I was pretty annoyed at that because I didn't go on Saturday :( Hopefully they'll do it next year though.

20 October 2011


Thanks to everyone who commented on Twitter about which logos work best for the GB project I've got. The overall opinion was that the hexagons work best (which I like too) but I have to develop two for my presentation in uni tomorrow, so I chose the matching type one in the circles to show as my other option.

So here's my ideas for the logos to be taken onto office stationery. Any comments are welcome :)


Top: New Look
Skirt: H&M
Ring: H&M

Woo, new clothes! :) I met the girls at a local restaurant / pub for some pudding the other night so I thought it's a good excuse to wear nicer clothes than jeans and a top. I'm loving how many tops have the Peter Pan style collar, I've bought a few now. I was so happy when I found this skirt in H&M, I've been wanting a pleated skirt for months! It does feel like I'm wearing a school skirt sometimes though :')

I actually went to uni today (after not being in Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday) but it was a waste of time really because it was just one of those boring lectures that you'd probably fall asleep in! I really need to start cracking on with competition briefs though. I'm going to pick 3 for one of my modules so I want one in packaging, one in illustration and one in branding so that I don't get bored of doing the same thing.

18 October 2011


I've got 5 modules in uni this year so there's loads of work to do!


For Identity Design we've been given the brief of designing an identity / branding for Kingsway. Kingsway is the buildings where all the Arts and Media courses for the uni are (where graphic design is). It's a couple of miles away from the main campus so they want it to have a separate branding and express how creative all the courses are in the building. This is going to include a logo, promotional material and possible wall art and creative spaces in the building itself. You can see how boring and bland Kingsway is from these photos...

The walls are all mainly white with a few examples of work up, but nothing would suggest that all of the creative courses are here. We're only doing research at the moment but I can't wait to get started on some designs because we can be as crazy as we want :)


My least favourite module :/ At the moment we're working on a re-branding brief for GB Group which is ok. But this is the module where we have to do a business plan (lots of maths and excel spreadsheet boring rubbish) so I'll be glad when it's over in February. These are my initial rough sketches for their new logo so far...

We had a feedback session on Friday and I was told to develop the last two logos in the pictures. We've got to apply them to stationery items this week to present on Friday again.


This doesn't start until a few weeks time because we have to pick a D&AD brief to do and they aren't out until November.


My dissertation module :'( I hate writing and I'm bad at it. We have to do 4000 words (which I know isn't a lot) but normally a workbook has to be handed in too which brings my shocking essay mark up. So, without that to rely on, I'll have to try my best :/ It's on Hip Hop culture though, which is something I'm really interested in so hopefully it won't be too bad.

I've got a few books to read and a couple of DVD's (including the Channel 4 programme) so the research part won't be too bad really.


This is my favourite module at the moment because we get to pick out own briefs (either live or competition). I found this website that had a list of which organisations set up student briefs and I've narrowed it down to a few.
  • Penguin Design Award: Design an illustrated book cover for the book 'Grimm's Fairy Tales' by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.
  • Starpack Packaging Brief: Design a new assortment of chocolates and gift pack that is relevant to the modern world in which we live (for Nestle).
  • RSA Projects: Social Mail. Celebrate and encourage the art of letter writing through the design of a set of stamps that will entice the sender to post a letter for the Royal Mail.
These are my favourites so far, but the D&AD and YCN ones haven't been released yet.

17 October 2011


Dress: H&M
Nail Varnish: Barry M 'Strawberry Ice Cream'

The weather has been mental here, I don't know if it's the same everywhere else. So I never know what to wear in the morning. When I get up to go to uni it's really cold but by the time it gets to 11ish it's like summer :/ Really weird and not what October should be like. I want to be wearing my scarves and mittens and be all snuggled up but I'm still wearing summer dresses! Still managing to not bite my nails either so I've bought some new nail varnishes. I've gone from biting my nails every two seconds to owning 20 different colours and really taking care of them :)

16 October 2011


I went to Bangor on Saturday with my Mum. I don't normally go shopping there because we've got most shops in Llandudno, but they have a H&M. Got loads of new clothes and it all came to under £200! Really pleased :)

We went to Fat Cats for lunch. I normally have this lovely ciabatta and hummus starter that they do, but I thought I'd try something a bit different and had the veggie platter. It doesn't look great but it was so tasty! I hate olives, so I gave them to Mum but everything else was really good.

These were all taken on my new camera too. It's a lot easier than taking my SLR everywhere! I got the Olympus D-720 and it's amazing so far. It has a super macro setting for up close photos (which I take quite often) and HD video. I'll be taking it to London with me so I don't have to take my SLR out at night.


It's been a much better week this week :) It's gone really quickly though and I hope it keeps going quickly because it's not long till London, which means it's then Haloween and Bonfire night and then.... CHRISTMAS!! I know some people hate it, but I'm a sucker for getting all snuggled up and watching Home Alone with mince pies. However, I try to wait until bonfire night has been before getting too excited. It's a bit sad this year though because it'll be my last christmas at home with my Mum and Dad as I'm moving out next year.

Monday is becoming a really expensive day. I'm in uni from 9 till 11 and then 6 till 7, so I have a 7 hour break in between. It's not worth driving back because it's a waste of money.... so I tend to spend it 'window shopping'. This really is lethal. I bought a new compact camera this last Monday from Currys, which I have been needing to get for a while as my last one broke (and it was down to £90 from £190!) but I start looking at other things like TV's and it's not good. I'll have to try and stay in uni and just do work in future.

So yeah, second week of uni and I'm starting to like the briefs a lot more. The only thing I'm not looking forward to this year is doing the business plan. We have to figure out costs for renting an office and what we'd charge for work etc. All really boring maths and excel spreadsheet stuff which isn't interesting at all.

I've changed my dissertation topic (for the last time) to Hip Hop culture and it's effect on design. There was a programme on Channel 4 in August called 'How Hip Hop Changed the World' which gave me the idea for my topic. I asked Channel 4 if they could send me a copy on DVD because it's not on 4OD anymore and they transferred me to Fresh One, the company which made the programme. I was a bit worried that I wouldn't get anywhere but the people at Fresh One were so helpful and sent me a disc straight away with a little good luck message! Time to crack on with the essay now though...

Spent the weekend shopping and cleaning really. I went to Bangor with my Mum yesterday to go to H&M (seeing as though their online shopping sucks) and got lots of new clothes :) Can't wait to wear them all. And then today I've just been cleaning my room and car really. While I was cleaning my car I realised that one of the back tyres on my car is bald though, so that's a nice £180 I'll have to part with tomorrow. And I won't be able to go to uni.

9 October 2011


I've had a bit of a pants week to be honest. It's been my first week back in uni (which I wasn't sure if I was looking forward to anyway). I've loved seeing everyone again and having a laugh, but the briefs we've been set so far seem rubbish. I sort of felt like this last year though, so I'm guessing I'll feel fine and be back into the whole routine of uni within a couple of weeks.

Monday started off great though because I got to drive to uni listening to Chris Moyles :) He makes me laugh so much :') I can't remember which day, but he had James Corden in (I think it was Monday) and they were so funny! I didn't realise that James had a new book out so I went and bought it that night. Haven't had a chance to read it yet.... and I my pasta all spilled over it in my bag on Friday. FAIL. It was funny though.

Got to see my little nephew on Saturday as they've all been away on holiday for 2 weeks so I've not seen him since his birthday. I could literally be in the worst mood ever but he'd cheer me up. He's such a cheeky monkey! Hopefully I'll be able to see him and his Mummy Leila more now that I'm back in uni because I'll have afternoons off.

No one told me that Curry's did an Angry Bird docking station for iPods!!! I almost died when I saw it :') My Dad couldn't understand why I wanted it because I'm scared of birds (which is true) but he has no idea what Angry Birds is so understandably he was confused!

We had to take our Kodak print back to Currys AGAIN because it wouldn't print properly or scan at all. I had uni work to print off today so I took it down with Mum this afternoon. Luckily the service was amazing and the manager was so helpful. He should have sent it off to be repaired but instead he sorted us out with a new printer with inks and paper too. It seems to be much better quality than the older one too so I hope it stays working,

I got a new desk chair this week. Boring, but needed. I had a plastic IKEA chair which was really uncomfy after a few hours so got a new mesh style one from Rymans in Chester. It seems to be a big mistake though because whenever I get off it, Smudge nicks my seat!

Finally got around to putting some Mexico pictures in a frame we bought from Xel-Ha. It only took a couple of minutes so I don't know why I hadn't done it sooner, but it's done now. I got a bit depressed looking through the photos because it feels like ages ago and I don't think we'll get to go on holiday next year because of moving out.

Anyway, hope everyone's had a good week and been loving or hating the X Factor this weekend (so many statuses and tweets about it!).

3 October 2011


So it's a little bit late, but here's my week in pictures! Started last week off with a healthy run along the prom in Llandudno. I'm pretty surprised that I actually managed it because I've not been for a run for about 18 months. But I definitely need to keep it up as I felt much better afterwards :) It was a good job I went too, seeing as though I went to Chiquitos with the girls from uni on Tuesday and Pizza Hut on Wednesday! Haha.

It was a crazy week in work because of stock take. I got the back room ready, which involves lifting a lot of boxes and tidying up. So I was pretty tired by the end of the week and decided to treat myself to a pampering day at a local spa. I went to Indulgence in Rhos on Sea for a deluxe manicure, back massage and facial. It was amazing and felt great to relax all afternoon (I even fell asleep for a bit!).

I've lost Aled to FIFA 12 for a few weeks now, with the new Call of Duty out soon too! It's not too bad as I'm back in uni now and it looks like I'll have plenty of work to be getting on with. Not keen on the briefs so far but I wasn't with the ones last year and I was fine after a few weeks. I'm sure this year is going to go really quickly though.... it'll be May before I know it!

1 October 2011


If only I had some money..... I would definitely buy these beauties. I might have just spent some money in a spa today, but I really needed that after a long week at work! I'm meant to be doing work now, but I decided to have a look through the River Island website. I'm really liking a lot of their stuff at the moment (but I hate the prices). There's a few things that need to go on ebay in the next week though so maybe that will be my 'new clothes' fund.

It feels weird to be looking at scarves and mittens though with it being so sunny and warm :/ But Wales is Wales and I'm sure it'll be raining again soon!