12 September 2011


Decided to go for a nice family walk to Aber Falls on Sunday (seeing as though it was Dad's 50th birthday) but we all forgot to take change for the car park :/ So we literally drove there, got out of the car and drove back! Typical Wilson family outing. So we walked up Bryn Pydew from our house and then down to Glanwydden to the Queens Head pub for an afternoon drink before our meal later on.

It was a really nice walk, which I've never done before. And it was better than the falls as there's no pub there! Haha. I'd like to do that walk more often because I don't have to drive anywhere first. It was a really nice afternoon and I even got myself a mini San Miguel glass to go with my big one at home!

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  1. This all looks amazing! :) I love living near the countryside because when I'm home it means I get to do walks like this all the time! But at uni there isn't places to walk that are as nice :(

    Ps. that duck photo is adorable! :)