4 September 2011


I love my photo books. I always get one done for holidays or little trips away. They're from Apple, which you can do through iPhoto, but you can do them through sites like Blurb too. I know Asda and Jessops do them, but you can't personalise them in the same way. Anyway, to anyone who hasn't seen what they're like and are considering getting one printed, this is what they're like...

This is my Mexico book, it's the most recent one I've had printed. I've used a few of the different themes that are available in iPhoto and I usually stick to the travel ones for holidays and the standard picture format for the smaller books. I've also had the wiro bound, hard cover and soft cover ones printed. The soft cover ones are my favourite out of the three. 

You have the control of where each photo is placed, how zoomed in you want it, if you want a caption at all, what colour the background is etc. The books are really good quality and not too expensive either. So if you are thinking about it, I'd recommend Apple ones :)

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