4 September 2011


It's been a really good week :) Didn't have work on Monday because of the bank holiday which was a bonus and then the rest of the week went really quickly! I've only got four more weeks of work until uni starts again! This summer has gone really quickly :( I actually got my timetable for uni the other night and it's really complex. I don't really understand what times I'm in on which days yet but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. I'm quite nervous to start my last year at uni. I know I'll enjoy it and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again, but there's going to be so much work to do!

Bought some goodies off Amazon this week. I got a tripod, gorilla pod and remote for my camera and a book I've been wanting for ages that shows thousands of CMYK colour options (which is geeky but handy).

Went out for food twice this week (nothing new there!). Once to a Brewers Fayre near my house for a combo thing with Aled and to The Cottage Loaf in Llandudno on saturday for a butty and chips :) There's a lovely old sweet shop in town called Grumpy's :') It has everything from old sweets in jars to pick and mix and newer sweets.

We went to Aber Falls today. It's beautiful up there and each time I go I always say I want to go out walking on a Sunday more often, but it never happens! I've done a separate blog post about the falls.

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