25 September 2011


This week has been pants to be honest. I've been in work all week, working on the computer. I've enjoyed having something to do, but there's nothing worse than not moving from your chair all week. But I got a lot done so it was all worth it. Still doing the same thing at the beginning of this week, but then we've got stock take at the end of the week. Back to being a uni bum on the 3rd of October though, so there'll be plenty of time to sleep then :)

I've drank a lot of wine this week, which is bad but felt good at the time! Haha. Hoping not to drink for a while now though. I had some last night because I went to my friend Nat's house with Leanne for a girls night. We had a chinese and watched X Factor and generally just chatted about everything. It was a really nice night, made even better by her adorable pet Beagle, Daisy <3 She's so cute, I want one!!

Me and Aled did a car boot this morning :/ I hoped the last one was my last for years, but we both had the last of a few things that needed getting rid of. So we packed up the car and went to one in Rhyl. It was actually worth it because I made £85 and Aled made about £50! Pretty impressive for just selling rubbish we don't use. Loads of geese flew over us at one point, which reminded me of the film 'Fly Away Home' :')

Got a pretty busy week coming up. Working all week, Chiquitos in Chehire Oaks on Tuesday night with the girls from uni (which I can't wait for because i've not seen them all summer!), Pizza Hut on Wednesday night with Leanne, Nat and Erika (for Leanne's birthday) and then I'll probably be working late on Thursday and Friday (stock take in work). I'm hoping to fit in all of my uni work and getting my car checked over before Monday too.... so wish me luck! :/

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