18 September 2011


Another week has gone by! Only two more weeks of work and then Im back in uni! Not really done much this week, but I've tried to keep my photos away from food (which is difficult). I actually got to do some design work this week at work. The timber yard needed some of the safety signs re-making for the machines as they'd worn off. So I scanned them in and went over them in Illustrator, which turned out really well. I've got some more to do tomorrow so I'll be taking my iMac down there again!

Aled hooked up his old Nintendo 64 during the week :') It was so funny. I never played on one when I was younger (plus I'm awful at Mario games) but I loved watching him on Mario. The graphics are so glitchy but amazing for the year it was released. FIFA 98 and James Bond: Goldeneye are also classics that he's still got.

I went to the Blackburn v Arsenal game on Saturday. To be honest, I'd like to forget all about it, but I support Arsenal through thick and thin. It was of course shocking. We started so well and went ahead, only to deteriorate after Blackburn equalised. We managed to go ahead again before half time, but the Arsenal side that came out after half time were awful. I literally couldn't bare to watch when Blackburn made a break because we were so poor defensively. On a positive note, I thought Santos played really well and Arteta is fitting in really well in midfield. I'm glad Ramsey's back too. I just don't know who or what's to blame for this bad start to the season. The only way is up!

It was my nephew/godson's 1st birthday party was earlier today. He's such an adorable and happy little boy :') I can't believe how quickly this first year has gone and I can't wait to see how he grows and changes by this time next year. Barry and Leila (his Mummy and Daddy) loved his present from me (which I'll do a separate post about tomorrow).

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