12 September 2011


This post should really be called 'MY WEEK IN FOOD' these days :/ I literally don't know how I haven't burst yet! But anyway, I had a couple of nice nights after work last week. I was off work ill on the Monday, so Aled bought me some Ben and Jerrys to make me feel better.... it worked because I was back in on Tuesday! Saw my friend Dale on the Tuesday night for some doritos and a few beers. He brought his Xbox and Kinect around to mine, which was hilarious :') I hadn't been on one before and it was a really good laugh. I got a Wii when they first came out but I don't go on it much because it's in the lounge and I'm in my room or office most of the time. He only had the Kinect Adventures game that comes with it, but that had some great games on it. It's on my list for when we move out!

I went to Chiquitos in Cheshire Oaks one night with Aled too. It was a last minute decision because he needed some new waterproof trousers for golf and there's nowhere decent to get some round here. So we went to Foregolf in Chester and the on to Cheshire Oaks for some tea. I love Mexican food (especially fajhitas) but I decided to try something new. I got a chimichanga which is now my new favourite! Well worth a try :) And of course chilli poppers for a starter.

Finished the week off with Da's birthday (which there's a seperate post for). So a great week really!

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