5 September 2011


Tonight I went through my memory box in the attic. It was starting to spill over, so I've got a bigger box and tidied it all up :) I couldn't help taking a few photos of what I found in it though! They make me laugh so much, especially the drawings from when I was little.

 Starting to show some serious illustration skills :') although Father Christmas does look like he's taking out the rubbish instead of delivering presents!

This is one of my favourite photos from when I was little. I'm with my Grandma and Grandad (Dad's side). My Grandad was amazing, but he sadly passed away when I was 6 and I miss him lots :( So I like photos like these to remind me of him.

CRINGE. My ROA book that everyone signed before we left after our GCSE's. I couldn't write to save my life when I was 16. Everytin woz spelt lik dis. Lol. :/ Anyway, at least I've moved on!

Probably my favourite card from my 21st birthday :') It was from one of my best friends, Erika.

One of the dollars from Manumission in Ibiza from when I went with the girls in 2007.

I actually couldn't believe it when I saw this photo. Where did this skinny person go?? It was taken when we were on holiday in Kavos in 2006. Obviously before I had enough money to gorge on pizza, chinese food and wine every weekend!

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