27 September 2011


Top: G21 at Asda
Jeans: River Island
Necklace: Dorothy Perkins

It was a bit of a crazy rush today after work! I finished at 5 and then had to get ready and drive over to Cheshire Oaks (which takes about 45 minutes) to meet the girls from uni for tea in Chiquitos. So, I didn't have chance to set up my camera properly. Really couldn't decide on what to wear either, which always annoys me :/ Literally can't wait to go clothes shopping soon.

Anyway, the meal was great. It was so nice to see Lorna, Nic and Alice because I've not seen them all summer! So we had loads to talk about and spent ages there. The meal was great too, I had the same as last time (Chilli Poppers and then a Chimichanga). I was going to take some pictures but we were so busy chatting I couldn't be bothered. If I hadn't eaten enough already, I'm going to Pizza Hut tomorrow for a friends birthday! Hopefully I'll be able to decide on an outift for that one, plus it's only down the road from home so I won't be rushing around like a headless chicken :')

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