29 September 2011


Last night I went to pizza hit with the girls for Leanne's birthday. It was a lovely night and the food was really good too :) I won't say what I bought her because she's not opening them until Saturday! It was really funny when we got there, Leanne had booked the table online and said that it was for a part. So we turned up and there was balloons on the table :') I think the guy who took us to the table was expecting kids not 23/24 year olds! Haha.

I probably ate too much, but it only cost £11 for a starter (chicken strips), main (chicken pasta bake) and a salad bowl (which comes free now). Couldn't be bothered having pizza so I had the pasta because I've had it before and it's really good. All we did was chat and catch up which was really nice because I see Leanne a lot and Erika and Nat often, but I barely get to see Donna :( We got to see her new puppy, Archie, when she got picked up too. Cute :)

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