19 September 2011


It was my nephew's 1st birthday on Thursday. Leila and Barry (his Mummy and Daddy) arranged a little afternoon party on Sunday to celebrate it. It was a lovely party, with just close friends and family. I started thinking of what to get for his birthday months ago because I wanted it to be quite personal (because he's only going to be 1 once and there's only so many toys you can get!). So I came up with an idea of doing a photo quilt because I'd seen them in the film Stepmom years ago and always wanted to make one.

I got all of the material from Abakhan Fabrics and then made it all from scratch. The photos are all Leila's favourites from his 1st year, which I asked her for but never said what I was making. No one guessed what I was making so it made it even more special when I finally got to give it to them :)

It didn't really take too long to make (about 6-8 hours) and I really enjoyed it, so if anyone's interested in getting one done for a friend or family member, then just give me an email.

Leila made this awesome cake for the party! I don't know how but she managed to make about 5 cakes in one day for us all to eat. The bear one looked amazing though and I can't wait to have my piece later on after work.

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