28 September 2011


Dress: Primark
Ring: Miss Selfridge

I went to Pizza hut with the girls tonight for Leanne's birthday and I wasn't in a mad rush like yesterday because it's only down the road from my house. I literally couldn't wait to get home and throw on a summer dress and some sandals after work because it was HOT today. Seriously, where did that weather come from? It's nearly October :/ I would have been loving the heat but I was in work moving loads of boxes around so it was uncomfortable to work in. Anyway, this was much cooler to wear and it was nice not having to put tights on really.

I got a H&M catalogue through in the post today. There's some really nice stuff in it but I'm really annoyed with them after some clothing I ordered online hadn't arrived in 3 weeks. I cancelled the order in the end but I'm still waiting for a refund. Not impressed. So I'm hoping all the clothes I like will be in store when I go to London.

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