29 September 2011


Last night I went to pizza hit with the girls for Leanne's birthday. It was a lovely night and the food was really good too :) I won't say what I bought her because she's not opening them until Saturday! It was really funny when we got there, Leanne had booked the table online and said that it was for a part. So we turned up and there was balloons on the table :') I think the guy who took us to the table was expecting kids not 23/24 year olds! Haha.

I probably ate too much, but it only cost £11 for a starter (chicken strips), main (chicken pasta bake) and a salad bowl (which comes free now). Couldn't be bothered having pizza so I had the pasta because I've had it before and it's really good. All we did was chat and catch up which was really nice because I see Leanne a lot and Erika and Nat often, but I barely get to see Donna :( We got to see her new puppy, Archie, when she got picked up too. Cute :)

28 September 2011


Dress: Primark
Ring: Miss Selfridge

I went to Pizza hut with the girls tonight for Leanne's birthday and I wasn't in a mad rush like yesterday because it's only down the road from my house. I literally couldn't wait to get home and throw on a summer dress and some sandals after work because it was HOT today. Seriously, where did that weather come from? It's nearly October :/ I would have been loving the heat but I was in work moving loads of boxes around so it was uncomfortable to work in. Anyway, this was much cooler to wear and it was nice not having to put tights on really.

I got a H&M catalogue through in the post today. There's some really nice stuff in it but I'm really annoyed with them after some clothing I ordered online hadn't arrived in 3 weeks. I cancelled the order in the end but I'm still waiting for a refund. Not impressed. So I'm hoping all the clothes I like will be in store when I go to London.

27 September 2011


Top: G21 at Asda
Jeans: River Island
Necklace: Dorothy Perkins

It was a bit of a crazy rush today after work! I finished at 5 and then had to get ready and drive over to Cheshire Oaks (which takes about 45 minutes) to meet the girls from uni for tea in Chiquitos. So, I didn't have chance to set up my camera properly. Really couldn't decide on what to wear either, which always annoys me :/ Literally can't wait to go clothes shopping soon.

Anyway, the meal was great. It was so nice to see Lorna, Nic and Alice because I've not seen them all summer! So we had loads to talk about and spent ages there. The meal was great too, I had the same as last time (Chilli Poppers and then a Chimichanga). I was going to take some pictures but we were so busy chatting I couldn't be bothered. If I hadn't eaten enough already, I'm going to Pizza Hut tomorrow for a friends birthday! Hopefully I'll be able to decide on an outift for that one, plus it's only down the road from home so I won't be rushing around like a headless chicken :')

25 September 2011


This week has been pants to be honest. I've been in work all week, working on the computer. I've enjoyed having something to do, but there's nothing worse than not moving from your chair all week. But I got a lot done so it was all worth it. Still doing the same thing at the beginning of this week, but then we've got stock take at the end of the week. Back to being a uni bum on the 3rd of October though, so there'll be plenty of time to sleep then :)

I've drank a lot of wine this week, which is bad but felt good at the time! Haha. Hoping not to drink for a while now though. I had some last night because I went to my friend Nat's house with Leanne for a girls night. We had a chinese and watched X Factor and generally just chatted about everything. It was a really nice night, made even better by her adorable pet Beagle, Daisy <3 She's so cute, I want one!!

Me and Aled did a car boot this morning :/ I hoped the last one was my last for years, but we both had the last of a few things that needed getting rid of. So we packed up the car and went to one in Rhyl. It was actually worth it because I made £85 and Aled made about £50! Pretty impressive for just selling rubbish we don't use. Loads of geese flew over us at one point, which reminded me of the film 'Fly Away Home' :')

Got a pretty busy week coming up. Working all week, Chiquitos in Chehire Oaks on Tuesday night with the girls from uni (which I can't wait for because i've not seen them all summer!), Pizza Hut on Wednesday night with Leanne, Nat and Erika (for Leanne's birthday) and then I'll probably be working late on Thursday and Friday (stock take in work). I'm hoping to fit in all of my uni work and getting my car checked over before Monday too.... so wish me luck! :/


Dress: George at Asda
Belt: H&M
Ring: Pilgrim

It was so nice to put on some normal clothes on Saturday after wearing my boring and quite manly blue combat/jumper combo in work all week. Plus anything is better than wearing steel toe cap boots! :') So I wore this dress from Asda that I bought over a year ago. It's a really comfy dress to wear (like most of their G21 dresses) and they never cost too much either. The ring is actually quite old. I think I bought it about 6 years ago when Pilgrim jewellery was really popular. I know you can still get it now but I stopped liking their new lines a few years ago.

I really need some new clothes though... I think a trip to the Trafford Centre is overdue! I'm going to London at the end of October, but I'm going with Aled and our friend Dale so I think my time in Oxford Street will be limited! I've seen loads of nice clothes out recently but I really hate paying River Island prices. So lets hope I get to go on a shopping spree soon :)

19 September 2011


It was my nephew's 1st birthday on Thursday. Leila and Barry (his Mummy and Daddy) arranged a little afternoon party on Sunday to celebrate it. It was a lovely party, with just close friends and family. I started thinking of what to get for his birthday months ago because I wanted it to be quite personal (because he's only going to be 1 once and there's only so many toys you can get!). So I came up with an idea of doing a photo quilt because I'd seen them in the film Stepmom years ago and always wanted to make one.

I got all of the material from Abakhan Fabrics and then made it all from scratch. The photos are all Leila's favourites from his 1st year, which I asked her for but never said what I was making. No one guessed what I was making so it made it even more special when I finally got to give it to them :)

It didn't really take too long to make (about 6-8 hours) and I really enjoyed it, so if anyone's interested in getting one done for a friend or family member, then just give me an email.

Leila made this awesome cake for the party! I don't know how but she managed to make about 5 cakes in one day for us all to eat. The bear one looked amazing though and I can't wait to have my piece later on after work.

18 September 2011


Another week has gone by! Only two more weeks of work and then Im back in uni! Not really done much this week, but I've tried to keep my photos away from food (which is difficult). I actually got to do some design work this week at work. The timber yard needed some of the safety signs re-making for the machines as they'd worn off. So I scanned them in and went over them in Illustrator, which turned out really well. I've got some more to do tomorrow so I'll be taking my iMac down there again!

Aled hooked up his old Nintendo 64 during the week :') It was so funny. I never played on one when I was younger (plus I'm awful at Mario games) but I loved watching him on Mario. The graphics are so glitchy but amazing for the year it was released. FIFA 98 and James Bond: Goldeneye are also classics that he's still got.

I went to the Blackburn v Arsenal game on Saturday. To be honest, I'd like to forget all about it, but I support Arsenal through thick and thin. It was of course shocking. We started so well and went ahead, only to deteriorate after Blackburn equalised. We managed to go ahead again before half time, but the Arsenal side that came out after half time were awful. I literally couldn't bare to watch when Blackburn made a break because we were so poor defensively. On a positive note, I thought Santos played really well and Arteta is fitting in really well in midfield. I'm glad Ramsey's back too. I just don't know who or what's to blame for this bad start to the season. The only way is up!

It was my nephew/godson's 1st birthday party was earlier today. He's such an adorable and happy little boy :') I can't believe how quickly this first year has gone and I can't wait to see how he grows and changes by this time next year. Barry and Leila (his Mummy and Daddy) loved his present from me (which I'll do a separate post about tomorrow).

12 September 2011


This post should really be called 'MY WEEK IN FOOD' these days :/ I literally don't know how I haven't burst yet! But anyway, I had a couple of nice nights after work last week. I was off work ill on the Monday, so Aled bought me some Ben and Jerrys to make me feel better.... it worked because I was back in on Tuesday! Saw my friend Dale on the Tuesday night for some doritos and a few beers. He brought his Xbox and Kinect around to mine, which was hilarious :') I hadn't been on one before and it was a really good laugh. I got a Wii when they first came out but I don't go on it much because it's in the lounge and I'm in my room or office most of the time. He only had the Kinect Adventures game that comes with it, but that had some great games on it. It's on my list for when we move out!

I went to Chiquitos in Cheshire Oaks one night with Aled too. It was a last minute decision because he needed some new waterproof trousers for golf and there's nowhere decent to get some round here. So we went to Foregolf in Chester and the on to Cheshire Oaks for some tea. I love Mexican food (especially fajhitas) but I decided to try something new. I got a chimichanga which is now my new favourite! Well worth a try :) And of course chilli poppers for a starter.

Finished the week off with Da's birthday (which there's a seperate post for). So a great week really!


It's a bit of a picture heavy post, but Sunday night was one of the best I've had in ages :) It was my Dad's 50th, which was always going to be easy to remember because his 40th was the tragic 9/11 day. I can still remember that day. I came home from school and was annoyed that CBBC wasn't on.... I really wasn't aware of the extent of what had happened :(

So, we decided to go for a quiet meal at a local pub because my Dad hasn't taken kindly to turning into an old man! I hadn't bought anything new so I wore this pink skirt I got in the sale in River Island last year with a plain vest top. It was really comfortable seeing as though I ate a lot.

Me and Aled went up to the pub in the afternoon (after the walk) to put confetti and a balloon on the table and give the cake to the staff. I love making a fuss of people's birthdays so he wasn't getting away with just a quiet meal!

I had an amazing meal; roast beef dinner and then the to-die-for butterscotch waffle with toffee sauce. Hungry now! It was all washed down with a few glasses of wine and we all had a really great night. Happy birthday Dad <3