24 August 2011


My Mum and Dad went on a biking trip to Stirling, Scotland over the weekend. They do a lot for me while I'm at uni, so I thought I'd do something nice for them and re-decorate their room for them while they were away. They've wanted it doing for a while, but it's difficult when you have to stay in the room you're decorating.

So they went away on Friday morning and came back on Monday to find a new room awaiting them. It was decorated with a patterned wallpaper which made it look smaller and darker. I stripped the wallpaper with the help of Aled and Dale on Friday. On Saturday, I painted it with Aled in a lovely neutral colour, which has turned out to really compliment the oak furniture well. I finished it all off with new bedding, curtains, a mirror and frames etc. They really loved it so I'm really glad I did it :)

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