24 August 2011


Ok, so I actually did this post yesterday... but my blog went a bit crazy and I hated what I'd changed and pictures would sit properly, so I've made changes today and reposted this. My week in pictures is normally done on a Sunday, but I was sick with a virus and couldn't be bothered getting out of bed never mind blogging!

Last week was really tiring. I was moving shelving and stuff in work (and painting a bit too) so I was ready for bed by 5pm each night :') I was actually lucky to get to work one morning because I stupidly let my car run on almost empty. Turned out that it did run out of diesel... in the car park at work. Lucky.

Had a crisps and magazine night with Dale one night too. I've been buying quite a few magazines recently and not reading them properly. I'll have to have a proper read through them all one night with a bottle of wine. The only thing is that I see lots of new clothes I want but can't afford. Loving what's in store for the autumn though. I'm a massive fan of winter accessorising (scarves, gloves, mittens, hats, jumpers, cardigans) so this half assed summer can go away now please!

Went to the local pub on Saturday to watch the Arsenal v Liverpool game, but the pub is too tight to pay for Sky so all they had on was Spanish tennis :/ who wants to watch that when the football is finally back?! Had to settle for Radio 5 Live. Quite glad I didn't watch it all to be honest because we played badly and I'm not looking forward to the rest of the season unless Arsene spends some money. Aled put a bet on the Everton v QPR game too. Which turned out to be a waste of time as his prediction of a 3-0 Everton win wasn't quite right.

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