14 August 2011


It's been a really long week. So tired. But I made up for it last night / this morning as I slept for 11 hours! Haven't done that for years, so I must have been tired. The reason why I've been tired is because I'm still not used to being back in work full time (plus I've been moving stuff about it the shop instead of just serving) and I've babysat twice (Friday and Saturday).

Last Sunday was horrible. Never have I seen riots or such violence in Britain.... for no reason! I watched the news for hours last Sunday night. I was a mixture of upset and annoyed while I was watching all the destruction in London, which then spread to other cities. I'm glad to see it's calmed down a bit, but nothing can bring back the buildings they torched and god knows how the shops will cope(especially the family run smaller ones). Hoping that anyone reading this that lived near the riots is safe now and that it never ever happens again.

Tuesday was hilarious :') The guys in work had arranged a 7-a-side football match at a local pitch. So it was Richard Williams Llandudno Junction v Ruthin and they all took it very seriously! I watched with a few other people from work and we were all in stitches. I'm hoping that more things like that happen because it's nice to have a laugh with people outside of work. We went to the Rhos Fynach pub after the game for a few drinks. People started leaving after the first couple, but because Aled lives really close, we stayed for a few more. Weirdly, I was really drunk by the time we got home :') So I had to go to work with a hangover :/

Went into town on Saturday with Leanne :) She used to work every Saturday, so it's nice to see each other now for lunch and a bit of shopping. We went to Fat Cats for lunch and had some really tasty hummus and bread. Yummy. Then we popped to the shops, where I got a gorgeous new bag, that I blogged about a while ago on a wish list. Also got a couple of new scarves, which is a bit premature but it's been quite cold the last couple of days :(

Had a pretty standard Sunday today really. Sorted out my office, which was a mess. Dyed my hair because the roots were getting horrible. Cooked a roast dinner for me and Aled for after he finished work. And now I need to clean my room. It literally looks like a bomb has hit it, or like 16 year old messy Emma has moved back in! Wish me luck!...

Oh p.s. I watched Bridesmaids today (which is awful.... it is NOT as funny as the Hangover, which is what some people said) and I watched Tron, which I really enjoyed! Hope everyone has a good week :)

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