7 August 2011


Someone please tell me how it's August already?! This year is literally flying. It's my nephew's 1st birthday next month, which isn't allowed because he's too cute to grow up! It's also my Dad's 50th and I haven't got a clue what to get him yet :/ Then uni starts again in October. Someone make time slow down a little please! Anyway, time for my week in pictures. Not been a massively exciting week as I'm back in work full time, but I've got loads planned for design work in the next few weeks, so I'll post some pictures of those.

001 + 002. Last Sunday, my friend Dale came round for a much needed night of chatting, wine..... and cheese! The whole cheese and wine thing started out as a joke, but he brought loads with him so we had a little feast in my room. Aled joined us after he finished work at 8. I love nights like that, we had such a laugh :') Plus, how did I not know that Galaxy cookie crumble exists?? I've been missing out!

003. Had an old school movie night at Aled's on Monday after work. On holiday, there was a waiter who reminded him of Nik Nak (if that's how you spell it) from one of the James Bond films, so we watched it that night with some popcorn. I love watching older films that I've not seen before. They are nothing like the new James Bond ones, but it's quite nice :)

004. New Amazon goodies!! I haven't bought any new DVD's or Blu-rays for a while, so this was needed! I've got so many films, but I prefer watching them to normal TV. I bought Fighter (awesome film, Christian Bale is amazing in it), Limitless (which I haven't seen yet), Life as we know it (Girly chick flick for when Aled's on nights!), Inception (which I've only seen once but loved it) and The Social Network (which I haven't seen yet). Can't wait to watch them all and chill out this week. I also finally got round to buying an external hard drive to back up all my work and pictures and two books on illustration. There's still loads more on my wish list, but they'll have to wait.

005 + 006. Nothing exciting really, just had some amazing garlic bread and chips one night and felt the need to take a picture :')

007 + 008. Work has been crazy this week. All the phone lines weren't working, so 20 lines were getting directed to one mobile phone. Everyone had to take messages everywhere and we were short staffed, so it was just a bit hectic! It's all sorted now though :) But, it did drive me to having a nice cold Budweiser when I got home.

009. The blonde hair dye has finally got to me again. I used to have this mug in work when I had bleach blonde hair a few years ago and I'm thinking of taking it down there again because the odd stupid sentence has been said by me this week :/ haha.

010 + 011. My Dad has put a massive pin board up in my office. I've always got so much stuff I need to remember about and bit of work I'd like to just pin up so it's off my desk sometimes, so he's put one up above my computer. It was a boring white, but I've painted the initials of my logo in the middle to make it a bit more interesting. It'll be covered by to-do-lists and general crap by the end of the week though.

012. I was babysitting last night for someone from work. It was a pretty easy night as the kids were in bed when I got there! But the best thing about babysitting is having Sky again. Such a simple thing, but we got rid of it a couple of years ago so I miss having all the channels sometimes.

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