30 August 2011


You can't choose you're family. And don't I know it. Relations on my Mum's side aren't exactly great, which makes having these old photos really special to me. I love photos (I've got hundreds from when i was little) but these are a couple of the 30 (ish) photos I've got of my Mum's family. There's somehting special about black and white photos too.

Above: My Grandpa with his siblings and parents. My Grandpa is one of 5 (he's the one on the far left of the top row, standing directly behind his twin sister).

Above: My beloved Nana, who sadly passed away when I was about 4, with her sisters. She's on the far right.

Above: My Grandpa

Above: My Grandpa and Nana on their wedding day.

Above: My Mum with her sisters and Mum (my Mum is the youngest of the three).

Above: My Mum (right) with her sister Carol enjoying a day at the beach!

Above: This is my favourite photo. It's my Nana, who I wish was still here so I could get to know her. From the stories I've heard from my Mum, she sounded like an amazing lady <3

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